Parasyte – The Maxim Episode 12

parasyte12a Recap

Kana continues to pursue Shinichi, increasingly convinced that her sensory powers are proof of a more intimate connection. Even after Shinichi exploits migi’s sleeping period to tell her the truth, she refuses to believe. With her powers growing ever stronger, it is only a matter of time before she puts herself in danger.

After last episode’s more slice of life affair, I’m glad we actually get a more serious consequence to Kana’s powers. I initially thought she would be a potential threat to Shinichi since it could detect any Parasyte, thus labeling him as one easily. I didn’t expect her infatuation with him to drive her so singularly that she would neglect his warnings at every turn. Her behavior becomes increasingly annoying as the episode goes on. It may just be a byproduct of the source material’s age, but it seems disingenuous that this girl continues to be attached to Shinichi even after all the warnings. After the definitive ending of last episode, her insistence on trying to win him becomes that much more frustrating, as it’s more obvious than ever that it’s not gonna happen. It also leads to making this episode pretty boring when the whole plot can basically be described as “Kana continues to act irrationally in increasingly stupid ways.”

parasyte12dThus it is after eight episodes of weird infatuation and terrible judgement skills, we get a horribly bloody conclusion to the plot arc of Kana the Parasytic Telepath. No one can blame Shinichi for what happened. If this had come earlier I feel it would have been more powerful, but after the way Kana kept blatantly disregarding Shinichi it just felt like an annoying eventuality. That makes this a rough episode for that jerkbag bully. Initially a spineless punk, his continued humiliation at the hands of Parasytes made him a sympathetic character among a few Glorio members as we watched. No one seemed to have a deeper relationship with Kana than him, and now we see the Parasytes even take that away from him. To me, the most emotional scene was not her death, but his frustration and powerlessness as he lashes out at Shinichi for being unable to save her.

parasyte12eWith this tragedy does come one interesting idea. It’s possible that this newest Parasyte proves Migi’s hypothesis correct: Kana’s neighborhood might soon become a safe haven for Parasytes to feed as they wish. With two walking openly in the streets and another devouring a victim in a secluded location, it wouldn’t be a stretch to say the monsters are starting to move in. I think what’s most telling is that the Parasytes Migi senses at the train station make no notice of his presence, almost to say they found his presence completely natural. That is by far the scariest thing to take away from this episode going forward.

One thought on “Parasyte – The Maxim Episode 12

  1. Seeing as how annoyingly dumb and insensitive secondary characters in this anime seem to be, it wouldn’t be a surprise if kana’s neighborhood DOES become a safe haven for Parasyte activity. I guess this is just following the logic of a rather old source material.
    Though I do agree, that it is Shinichi’s reaction to Kana’s death, rather than her death itself, that has an emotional impact on me.

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