Parasyte – The Maxim Episode 11

parasyte11a Recap

With the immediate threat over, Shinichi tries to go back to his normal life at school. At the same time, strange dreams and Shinichi’s warnings make Kana start to get even more interested in him. Elsewhere, a modified Parasyte is unleashed in some clandestine operation. His efforts appear to run parallel with other Parasytes attempting to infiltrate the local government.

I’m kinda a fan of Kana. Not quite sure I can justify it on any level other than “She’s Miyuki Sawashiro using her Inaban voice.”, but I do. That said, i liked her even more after the fantastically silly dream that kickstarted this episode. Parasyte has few avenues of comedy, so Kana, as an outsider to the dire events that have surrounded Shinichi and Murano, is a perfect outlet for silly dreams and romanticism. She also serves as a good representation of the average human’s understanding of how much danger they’re all actually in. Despite multiple murder sprees, they’ve been outside public conscious enough to not arouse mass concern. With Kana this is especially dangerous, as her powers would quickly lead her to harm. I was surprised at how she seems to quickly understand the connection between plucking hairs and the monsters Shinichi hints at. She may be a bit smarter than she appears under that lovestruck exterior. She seems determined to get Shinichi, but I wonder if she’d as easily become an ally in his fight if she gets caught up in the conflict with the Parasytes any further.

parasyte11dIt’s nice to see Shinichi try to return to more carefree times. This date seems to be very reminiscent of the first one they went on back in the beginning. Still, even if Shinichi tries to take things back to how they used to be, he is obviously changed for good. I’m surprised Murano didn’t act more strongly as Shinichi was referencing Migi’s view of humans as cattle. Was she just trying to stay quiet as to not anger him? It did seem like the girl is a bit too meek for her own good. She has a lot of valid questions about what’s happened to our haggard protagonist, but it’s not the kind of thing you just open up about immediately. They share a sweet moment as they confirm their feelings with a kiss, but the end makes me wonder what exactly Murano wants out of Shinichi going forward. She still talks about him as if he’s gone. It’s obvious her feelings developed when he was his old self, so will she someday accept the changes that happened in his life, or will we see her end this relationship if she can’t have the man she fell in love with?

parasyte11bObviously the biggest enigma coming out of this episode is the revelation of a new Parasyte I will nickname Juggernaut. Parasytes have already shown frightening power, but Juggernaut shows a level of intellectual competence and physical speed unparalleled so far. I have two hypotheses to his ability to resist injuries from all areas. Either he contains multiple Parasytes, which have converted the various parts of his body into Migi like limbs that could resist damage, or he was able to merge with the rest of his body like the way Migi did. So far Parasytes have not been shown to have superhuman strength outside of their limbs. Combined with the fact that he’s working with a group of Parasytes,  I highly doubt he’s the result of anything other than directed experimentation. Migi says he doesn’t seem interested in them, but considering how intelligent he is, I imagine he’s much better able to mask his true motivations. Now that Kana is implicated with him, I can only wonder if her days are numbered or if she’ll finally learn the truth.

2 thoughts on “Parasyte – The Maxim Episode 11

  1. I do wonder how much Migi intentionally hides (or rather, purposefully doesn’t say) about certain things. I also wonder whether or not he’s capable of and willing to lie if he sees any benefit in doing so.

    • It seems he’s learned how to deal with Shinichi better since he first gained sentience. We already saw last episode that he was able to appeal to Shinichi’s pathos in order to sway his opinions, I wouldn’t see it too much a stretch of the imagination to keep things hidden from him as long as he determined them not counter to ensuring their safety.

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