Re:CREATORS Episode 10 & 11

Altair crashes the party with heretofore unseen abilities, leading to Selesia taking a mortal wound. As she inexplicably recovers, the show can’t decide on the themes it wants to express.

Re:CREATORS Episode 9

Did you know that Magane was supposed to be a villain? The show doesn’t think you get it yet, so she manipulates Aliceteria to hunt down our heroes.

Re:CREATORS Episode 8

Sota refuses to spill the beans about the Military Uniform Princess – including her true name, Altair – to anyone but Mamika, who decides to confront her directly.

Re:CREATORS Episode 7

Everyone searches for clues on the Military Uniform Princess’s true identity. Meanwhile, Magane begins her inevitable murder spree, starting with her Creator.

Re:CREATORS Episode 4

Everyone sits around for a whole episode and speculates on the rules governing the situation. For no particular reason, they turn out to be completely correct.

First Look: Re:Creators

Characters from various (fictional) light novels begin appearing in the real world to do battle, and also there’s a boring everyman protagonist. So, reverse isekai?