Re:CREATORS Episode 6

“You are the one who knows where justice lies.”

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A dangerous new Creation appears, and each side of the conflict wants her on theirs.

Iro’s thoughts

Let’s get this out of the way first: there’s no good reason for Sota to withhold the information he’s learned about the Military Uniform Princess other than to make the plot stall out. Does it make things more dramatic? Technically, yes, but at the cost of making our viewpoint character seem like a colossal moron. It isn’t as if he has to protect Setsuna, since she killed herself in the prologue. All we’ve got is an excuse for things to take longer and for everyone to spend even more time sitting around wringing their hands.Meanwhile, in case you forgot just how offbrand Fate this show is, our F/Z Caster equivalent appears this week: Magane Chikujouin, a sophistical psychotic who kills with no qualms. Unfortunately, she lacks the same sort of absurd hammy acting and blatantly backwards motives as Caster, making her way less entertaining. To add some icing on the crap cake, just summoning creatures or some other form of dark magic just isn’t complex enough, so her abilities are some prime level anime bullshit about telling lies and then denying those lies which causes reality to make those lies into reality and fuck if I know, this shit is dumb as hell. Point is, she’s almost certainly going to be – if not the main villain – the main driving villain for the next 5-7 episodes, I’d wager.

There’s finally a bit of action at the end of the episode, following a bunch of the usual lame, padded dialogue that would conceptually add depth to proceedings but comes off as reductive instead. Alicetaria being really pissed that all of the suffering in her world is for nothing but entertainment in ours is a decent enough stance to take, but there’s been hardly any actual exploration of the idea. Every other character has accepted the the Creator-Creation dynamic so easily that they’re the ones who seem suspect. Meteora gives a whole speech about how people in this world have limits and hardships, “just like us“, and that’s treated as correct reasoning for why Alice is wrong to seek justice for the wrongs in her world. She obviously shouldn’t be going around causing chaos, but by Meteora’s own reasoning, Alice’s world is just as valid as ours, so… I guess let’s just fight or whatever, who cares.

I’m thinking too hard about this shit. I blame Nier: Automata. You should play that instead of watch this.


  • As I expected, they conveniently write Kanoya out of the episode so his giant robot doesn’t break the character balance. That said, having him hit on girls with the line “I pilot a giant robot” is a decent gag.
  • In a meta sense, I’d expect the giant robot and the magical girl to be the two strongest characters in this sort of premise, and I’m glad to see that’s more or less the case here.
  • Meteora has to pause in the middle of combat to call her government handler for permission to use the bazookas she stole a while back. I’m not sure if I’m supposed to find this hilarious or just stupid.

5 thoughts on “Re:CREATORS Episode 6

  1. I only started watching this show because of the soundtrack composer, but judging by how this show is proceeding, I’m probably just gonna wait for the OST release. Hiroyuki Sawano deserves better animated shows to score.

      • An unfortunate side effect from being called back to score the same types of shows over and over again. His live-action scoring material is comparatively more diverse in sound. On that subject, I’d recommend checking out the OST for the NHK drama Mare.

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