First Look: Re:Creators

Alternative title(s): Rei Hiroe is tired of doing bondage doujinshi for F/SN so he’s making a new IP for it
Anime original by Studio TROYCA
Streaming on Anime Strike


Characters from various (fictional) light novels begin appearing in the real world to do battle, and also there’s a boring everyman protagonist. So, reverse isekai?

Iro’s verdict: Close But No Cigar

I complained about this on the Akashic Records of BlahBlahBlah post, but anime’s got this problem with thinking that merely pointing out overused tropes means they get a free pass to just straight up continue using them. This is an unfortunate but necessary step to actually subverting/satirizing, and unfortunately one that Re:Creators snags on. This does better than most – with some actually funny gags lampooning the meta-textual nature of the premise – but the fact remains it’s a story about an aggressively boring guy ending up with a bunch of cute magical girlfriends hanging out in his room. It’s a pity, since the production values are pretty impressive. I fully expect this to be The Thing this season (and it’s earned at least another few episodes from me), but if it keeps sticking to the usual bullshit I’ll have no real choice but to move on to greener pastures.

Oh, also, I’m really sick of Sawano soundtracks.

Jel’s verdict: Let’s See What Happens Next Week

​I must admit flipping the “other world” story concept on its head can be a fun idea. I’d much rather see some super powered heroes who normally spend every day locked in life and death struggles figuring out our boring world rather than the other way around. There’s a little bit of that in this episode and I don’t think it will shy away from those moments, but I get the impression Re:Creators will end up taking itself too seriously in the long run. Honestly I don’t care how these characters got to our world or how they’re getting back, and yet I’m guessing that’s going to take up a lot of screen time. I’d also say that I’m so sick of self-aware, ‘meta’ stories that even one this well intentioned and somewhat original is going to have trouble winning me over. It seems worth another episode at least, so we’ll see.

Oh, and if Iro is sick of Sawano soundtracks, I’ll add I’m sick of titles starting with “Re:”. Is that an intentional dig on other shows? Hard to say, which might be part of the problem here.

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