First Look: Steins;Gate 0

After failing to save Makise Kurisu, Okabe Rintarou hangs up the white labcoat and determines to live his life as a normal student. This has caused him to drift from almost all his former friends, but has given him the stability his foray into time travel robbed of him. However, new work in artificial intelligence will draw him back into the world of mad science.

Exploring Visual Novels 4: Ever 17

Ever 17 is a visual novel developed by the now defunct KID or Kindle Imagine Develop as a stand-alone part of their Infinity series. The visual novel was first released in 2002 on Dreamcast and PS2. In 2003 it received a Japanese PC release before finally being released in English by the also now defunct Hirameki International in 2005. Needless to say official copies are nearly impossible to find at this point.

Vividred Operation Episode 3

Akane and her friends transfer to a new school. She is late after delivering papers and uses her transformation to make it to her new school on time. Akane is caught flying around by Wakaba Saegusa who challenges her to a duel.

Vividred Operation Episode 2

Akane and Aoi have both become magical girls and they take the fight to the Alone. The jet fighters fall into formation with the magical girls and they make a joint strike on the mechanical beast.