The Perfect Insider: Episode 10

The killer invites Saikawa and Moe for a conversation inside the virtual reality. As the police eavesdrop, Saikawa explains how he found out the truth behind the murder, while Moe desperately attempts to confirm the killer’s motive.

The Perfect Insider: Episodes 8 & 9

Moe attempts to find out who talked to her in the virtual reality while Saikawa struggles to commit to his promise of keeping Shiki’s death a secret. When the police arrives, however, all the puzzle pieces start falling into place.

The Perfect Insider: Episodes 5 & 6

Terrified by the remembrance of Shiki’s words, Moe lashes out at Saikawa when he decides to abandon the investigation. Meanwhile, Yamase attempts to salvage the lab’s reputation and asks Saikawa to remain quiet about the murders for now.

The Perfect Insider: Episode 3

Isolated from the outside world by a network error, Saikawa and Moe attempt to figure out how the murderer was able to enter Shiki’s chambers. Meanwhile, the lab director arrives on the island, accompanied by Shiki’s younger sister.

The Perfect Insider: Episode 2

As soon as Saikawa and his students arrive on the island, Moe sets out to explore the Magata laboratory and meet Shiki. However, the programming prodigy hasn’t had any physical contact with anyone in fifteen years — and she hasn’t given a sign of life in days.

First Look: The Perfect Insider

Professor Sohei Saikawa is planning an outing with the other members of his research lab. Moe Nishinosono, the daughter of his mentor, presents him with the idea to visit Shiki Magata, a mysterious programming genius who has gone into exile after being accused of murdering her parents. That’s all that happens, really. But that’s okay.