The Roundup: Summer 2014 Volume 10

In this week’s installment… Our shows hold steady as the end of the season rapidly approaches. The comedies stay funny and sweet and Aqua still hates Aldnoah.Zero, so business as usual. The Roundup is a weekly guide to all the “other” shows we’re watching this season. Check out our full, weekly coverage of: Blue Spring Ride – Hunter…

The Roundup: Summer 2014 Volume 9

Lifesong and Timmy are off cavorting at Nan Desu Kan but the rest of the crew picks up the slack. Argevollen gets practical, HaNaYaMaTa keeps its pants on for the hot springs episode, and Sabagebu continues its glorious streak of 80’s action movie references.

The Roundup: Summer 2014 Volume 5

We hit the midpoint of the season and the entire crop of great comedies are still going strong. Locodol finally ends Sabagebu’s header image streak and no matter how frustrated he gets, Gee is still watching Argevollen and Aldnoah.Zero.

First Look: Persona 4 The Golden Animation

A lot like Persona 4 The Animation, only this time with an extra lady! Oh, and there’s some plot stuff and a reduced episode count and apparently Kanji shows up in episode two and did you see mysterious fox? Man he’s adorable…

First Look: Love Stage!!

Izumi Sena is born into a family of actors but has no desire to pursue acting himself. As he enters his first year of college, he’s a hardcore otaku that wants to be a manga artist, even though he has no talent for it. All of that changes when a chain of coincidences pairs him up in a commercial with the hottest young actor in Japan… oh, and he just happens to look stunning in makeup and a dress.

First Look: Sabagebu!

Momoka Sonokawa is a high school student who has recently transferred schools. However at her new school, she meets the eccentric Mio Ootori, an airsoft fanatic. One thing leads to another and she’s dragged into the schools Survival Game Club.

First Look: Tokyo Ghoul

Tokyo is plagued by a string of gruesome murders, committed by vicious, cannibalistic creatures known only as Ghouls. Ken Kaneki soon finds himself at the mercy of one, but miraculously manages to survive… at a cost.

First Look: Rail Wars

In an alternate universe where Japan’s rail system is still run by the government, a bunch of high school kids join the train security force.

First Look: Sword Art Online II

Nearly one year after the Sword Art Online incident, the government recruits Kirito to help investigate a series of mysterious murders. To find the killer he must enter Gun Gale Online, the only MMO in Japan with professional players.