The Roundup: Summer 2014 Volume 12


In this week’s installment…

We say goodbye to the last stragglers of Summer as this season of the Roundup comes to an end. Glasslip leaves Marlin wanting, Aqua is pleasantly surprised by Barakamon, and I’m just sad I have no Sabagebu! header for the final post.

The Roundup is a weekly guide to all the “other” shows we’re watching this season. Check out our full, weekly coverage of:

Blue Spring Ride – Hunter x Hunter – Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure: Stardust Crusaders – Monthly Girls’ Nozaki-kun – Sailor Moon Crystal – Space Dandy – Sword Art Online II – Terror in Resonance – Hanamonogatari


Episode 13 (END)

Thursdays 11:00 am EST on Crunchyroll

Watching: Marlin

Marlin: Well that ending was just bland. Rather than develop on anything we’ve seen over the past few episodes, this just felt like the show was deciding a moment to end without thinking of why it should. Sure, there seems to be some connection between the paired characters now, but it doesn’t show anything concrete. Also, I felt Sacchi’s last lines would seem like some kind of passive aggressive aside if it weren’t for how he said him. After all she’s done trying to pine after Touka it basically felt like “I like Touka, but Kakeru’s got that shit locked down, so I guess you’re alright Hiro.” The only resolution I felt was well done was that the bizarro dream sequence last episode did let Touka understand Kakeru’s emotions as always the person coming from the outside into any group. I know PA Works can make something good if they want to, but this show was just a disappointing mess.

Episode 13 (END)

Simulcast Pending on Funimation Saturdays 9:00 pm CET on Crunchyroll

(Europe only, except UK and Ireland)

Watching: Aquagaze, EuricaeriS, Marlin

Aquagaze: What a pleasant surprise this episode was, averting the usual ham-fisted drama in favour of subtle resolutions and subdued conflicts mostly played for laughs. There is no big epiphany, no cathartic reunion — Sensei is simply able to return to the island of his own volition, having learned something in the meantime. Instead, most of the episode is focused on the usual shenanigans, though not without some heartwarming undertones befitting a season finale. Sensei finally finds a way of calligraphy to call his own, and though it isn’t as critically acclaimed as his earlier work, the implication that he’ll be able to grow into a much greater craftsman than he used to be ends the subplot on a high note. Overall, Barakamon hits all the right marks with its finale, delivering some memorable moments without betraying its roots. A pleasant end to a pleasant show.

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