First look: Argevollen

The nations of Arandas and Ingelmia have been at war. Ingelmia has made advances and pushed Arandas to the Great Wall, an impregnable fortress that has defended Arandas since its founding. Then it falls, because of course, this is a mecha anime. Tokimune is a mech pilot in the Arandas army and after saving a mysterious girl, he happens upon the mysterious prototype, Argevollen. Yeah.

First Look: Glasslip

With her future ahead of her, Touko Fukami is learning how to be a glass artisan while her enjoying her final Summer break with her friends. Their routine is interrupted when a mysteriously surly boy transfers to their school.

First Look: Locodol

In an effort to kickstart the local economy, a small town businessman teams up his niece with Mugi from K-ON! to form a “locodol” (local idol) group.

The Roundup: Spring 2014 Volume 12

I get the week off as Lifesong and Marlin finish off the remaining shows from Spring. Some deserve another chance, some we’ll be glad to see dead and buried, and The World Is Still Beautiful remains as firmly planted in the middle as it has all season.

GLORIO Summer 2014 Anime Guide Part 2

Part 2 of our Summer 2014 guide is headlined the provocative Terror in Resonance, one of the most bizarre premises ever with Railway Wars, and a few returning series like Persona 4 The Golden Animation… wait, that’s a remake? Already? Throw in a few MORE pretty boys (this time dressed as girls) and the Summertime fun continues.

GLORIO Summer 2014 Anime Guide Part 1

Summer 2014 marks the second anniversary of the Glorio Blog (hooray for us), and we’ve got some heavy hitters kicking off our ninth season of anime coverage. Sailor Moon, the return of Sword Art Online, and a new anime original from Gen Urobuchi headline part 1 of our guide.