First Look: Welcome to the Ballroom

Fujita Tatara is an ordinary middle school student struggling to find purpose in life. After being saved from bullies by the pro dancer Kaname Sengoku, he begins to take an interest in ballroom dancing. Inspired by fellow classmate, Hanaoka Shizuku, Tatara decides to devote himself to dancesport. 

First Look: Elegant Yokai Apartment Life

After his high school accommodation burns down, Inaba Yuushi is left scrambling for a new apartment to avoid commuting to school from home. Fortunately he manages to find a place at a good price, but he’ll have to get used to some regular visitors.

First Look: Kakegurui

​Hyakkaou Academy is a private school for the ultra rich with a big secret: after school hours the student body fights for social supremacy through high stakes games of chance. A new transfer student, obsessed with the thrill of gambling, arrives to shake things up.