First Look: In Another World With My Smartphone

Alternative title(s): Isekai wa Sumaatofon to Tomo ni
Internet Light Novel Adaptation by Production Reed
Streaming on Crunchyroll


Oh my goodness, a boring schoolboy has been transported to another world (an Isekai, you might say), where he’s basically the chosen one! What a novel idea!

colons’ verdict: Hey, have you seen No Game No Life? Or Konosuba? Cool, give this a miss.

In the past, when writing up shows of this calibre, I have lamented the sad fact that their continued existence means there is likely still a market for them. Today, then, aside from noting that this show is basically sawdust gruel in anime form, I’d like to skip direct criticism and instead explore the compliments of people who enjoyed it, to see if we can’t learn something together.

I will not be attributing the comments, because I don’t want to encourage people to seek out their authors to be mean. Please don’t do that.

I don’t know about everyone else, but I really enjoyed this episode a lot more than I thought I would. Obviously, it has very big similarities to Konosuba, but I very much prefer this because the main character is more enjoyable (I’m not too keen on characters that are weak).

This reasoning seems coherent, if difficult to actually agree with. If your sole criteria for liking shows is that Shit Protag is as strong as possible, by whatever metric, then yeah, this show is probably for you.

Looking forward to the next episode.

There was no next episode preview in this first episode, and there was also zero indication of what the show’s arc is going to be. There’s nothing that we know about to look forward to at this point. All we got was a quick explanation of the framing device and an introduction to all of the archetypes that ostensibly pass as ‘characters’ in this show.

Shit Protag can use all of the Chaos Emeralds!

I dont get the hate, i enjoyed it.
The MC seems likeable.

Shit Protag didn’t express a single shred of character, so the only reason I can see someone considering him ‘likable’ is that they’ve done the intended thing and projected themselves onto him. If that is the case, more power to them, but I wonder if they’re aware of what exactly they find ‘likeable’.

Well, I think I will keep watching this for the smartphone element and since this show probably allows me to turn my brain off for 20 minutes, even tho I have to admit this episode was pretty tough to get through, due to the bland charas and boring comedy. Just hope I get used to them fast.

This is almost a fair assessment, although I don’t think I’d be able to watch it alone. I say ‘almost’ because, as of episode one, they have done absolutely nothing of any consequence to the state of the world with the titular smartphone. Protag uses it as a map at one point, and orders ice cream, but the only materially notable thing about him is his magical strength, not his phone.

It turned out very nice and the pace seems very good and not rushed for the moment.

The objective parts of this are at least factually accurate. It’s difficult to rush nothing.

Decent first episode. OP is catchy.

This is subjective, of course, but I respectfully disagree on both of these points.

Touya looks a lot like Kirito.

This feels like someone on the verge of a revelation about how much of a rote archetype Shit Protag is. I am curious to know if this person sees the Sword Art Online protagonist as an entirely original creation, or if they are just using him as a reference point.

Him bringing a phone into another world is a nice gimmick.

It actually kind of maybe could be! It would be really nice if this show would actually do something with it, but alas, it seems like they forgot to.

The girls are cute.

Ah, and here we come to the crux of the issue. The trouble I have with this assertion is that while, yes, Reimu and Alice and Kiniro and those twins from Clannad are in this show, and yes, they are designed with affection, but if you wanted to see these characters do things, they already exist elsewhere, and with more character. Yes, even Reimu.

He can use all of the elements.

I mean, yes. That’s… a statement of fact. See my above comments about Shit Protag’s strength as a quality metric, I guess.

We haven’t met her yet, but seriously, Reimu is going to show up at some point.

Then, eventually, we come to a review that I both understand and respect.

I always welcome to fantasy and isekai setting, but this one I so chill
I like it tbh, no pressure what so ever when watching it

This, I appreciate. This show does not appear to require attention or any kind of alertness. If that is what you are into, great; this show honestly might be right up your alley. I just… I feel like you would have better luck watching ASMR videos or let’s plays of old JRPGs.

There are a number of comments from people who allude to having read the source material that make hints about a future event that might be worth sticking around for. Most of them appear to expect it around episode three. I don’t know that I’m curious enough to find out what it is they’re hinting at.

Euri’s verdict: (I wish I was) In Another World (where this show didn’t exist) With My Smartphone (or not)

I don’t know that I’m curious enough to find out what it is they’re hinting at.

This show was, pure and simple, a complete waste of time. The only thought I needed to invest in this show was in the debate we had after seeing the episode, where we argued about whether this or Aoyama-kun was the worst show this season. Even if this event that’s meant to happen pays off, it’s an hour wasted and three episodes too late.

Iro’s verdict: Shut Anime Down

Look, I know that isekai is hot right now, and employees gotta eat somehow, but come on. Apart from being all-around terrible, this show can’t even stick to its professed gimmick of having a smartphone in fantasy land, instead wasting an absurd amount of time establishing how incredible the protagonist is apart from having a smartphone. He’s a perfect physical specimen and can use all types of magic, sure – standard isekai bullshit, whatever – but that doesn’t have anything to do with having a smartphone. Why would you title the show In Another World With My Smartphone if his special powers have fucking nothing to do with his smartphone? He uses it for magical GPS once, and then asks for directions in the same episode! What the fuck?!

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