ERASED: Episode 6

Airi is trapped, but Satoru arrives in time to help. After escaping the scene, he goes off to search for the real culprit. After gaining an ally in his mother’s old coworker, he starts to gain a clearer picture into what’s happening.

ERASED: Episode 5

Hinazuki has disappeared. Failing in his mission, Satoru is flung back to the present. Still wanted for his mother’s murder, he tries to find help wherever he can. The only person on his side is Airi, who shows cunning beyond her years. With the true killer still free, is anyone safe?

ERASED: Episode 4

Satoru continues to try and change the future, but senses he may just be playing through what has already happened. With an overzealous devotion to getting Hinazuki past the 1st untouched, he becomes more bold in dealing with her and her mother. Will the strike of midnight change the world?

ERASED: Episode 3

Satoru continues to gather information about Hinazuki to get a better timeframe of when she may be kidnapped. After tracking down her home, he gets a firsthand look at her personal hell.

ERASED: Episode 2

Satoru has been flung back to the 80’s, surely a fate worse than death. In his desperate search to try and find what will save his mother, he tries to connect with Hinazuki, and learns that there is more to her story than its tragic end.

First Look: ERASED

Satoru Fujinuma is a struggling mangaka with a unique gift: he is catapulted back in time whenever someone is in danger so that he can help them out of their predicament. After his powers help reopen an old abduction case, he must use them to unravel the mystery.

The Hentai Prince and the Stony Cat Episode 10

Azuki becomes super clingy after Yoto’s kiss, but shes obviously not the focus of this last arc. Instead, a new mystery has appeared in the form of not just the past of Yoto, but of Tsukiko and Tsukushi as well. What happened to change the world the way it has?

Steins;Gate Review

Spring season of 2011 was definitely a great time to be an anime fan. Denpa Onna made us want to believe in aliens, Nichijou brought KyoAni out of their comfort zone and was absolutely hilarious, but, above all that, was the sometimes gripping sometimes hilarious time travel tale of Steins;Gate Never have I ever watched…

Blast of Tempest Episode 12

Recap: The princess finally finds her key to travel through time. By the time she arrives, the two tree have already started clashing. No longer under the protection of the tree, will Mahiro and Yoshino be safe in this duel of gods? Oh, also, that up there? Called it.