ERASED: Episode 6

erased6a“Grim Reaper”

Thursday at 12:30 pm EST on Crunchyroll

Airi is trapped, but Satoru arrives in time to help. After escaping the scene, he goes off to search for the real culprit. After gaining an ally in his mother’s old coworker, he starts to gain a clearer picture into what’s happening.

Marlin’s thoughts

The manager is still quite the enigma. Last episode I would have banked on him being a pawn of the real culprit, if not implicitly working for him. Now we see he does care about Airi, he just may also have some inappropriate feelings towards her. I suppose this show has not shied away from showing people as flawed despite their otherwise good intentions, so maybe his shady action last episode was all meant to lead us off the trail. I suppose this is a very small thing, but I’m finding the timing very convenient that Satoru comes back just as the house is up in flames. The explosion from last episode, strong enough to knock out windows, would imply some kind of forceful gas explosion as the cause, but Airi comes out of the encounter totally fine. No burns, no nothing. It’s a little bit of implausibility for a show that’s been pretty good at sticking to the facts so far.


I’m also very confused about Satoru’s conversation with Sawada. At first, Sawada seems to suggest what we saw before, that Hinazuki was killed when her parents left her for dead. Now, he seems to be suggesting that the true culprit of all these crimes actually took Kayo out from the cold and then froze her to death, when she would have done so anyway. The incredibly roundabout way of doing this makes the motive of this criminal very bizarre. Does he kill simply for the thrill of successfully pinning it on someone else? The mysteries do paint the true killer in a very sinister light. His connections that have allowed him to get away with so much remind me a lot of certain parts of L.A. Noire. Fortunately, this time that kind of story is the narrative crux, not a last second swerve from out of nowhere like that game pulled.

It seems like trust and belief are really getting pounded into us as themes of this part of the story. Airi and Sawada’s faith in Satoru are what have allowed him to continue on past all his hardships. My favorite line by far is Sawada’s reasoning for trusting him “Your mother didn’t raise a killer.” This is why character witnesses are allowed in criminal cases. Knowing someone’s disposition means you can trust certain things about them, and Airi and Sawada knowing the kind of relationship that Satoru and Sachiko had made their faith in their bond as mother and son absolute. Satoru has had his faith in others rewarded so much that it almost seems perfectly set up for that same trust to be eventually betrayed.


This episode took such a big swerve from what I thought the plot arc of this story would be that I really don’t know what’s going to happen next. I assumed returning to his childhood days would be the norm, and his time as an adult would only be very temporary to gather what information he could. Now we’re going to be going into a third episode of being on this track, but we know he has to go back eventually. There is so much unsolved about the past that it’s impossible that we will never return there. So that leaves the big question, how? I assumed the death of someone important to him, this time Airi, is what would catapult his Revival. Now that he’s been arrested, how can he possibly have that chance?

Random observations

  • Were the two police bodyguards being intentionally terrible at their jobs the whole time? What if someone killed her?
  • Hiromi is a boy. I guess that solves that. Still doesn’t explain why Satoru cares a lot more about how Hinazuki was murdered rather than someone who was actually his close friend.
  • I am sort of glad that Satoru finally got caught, because otherwise it would make Japanese Police seem like the most ineffectual law keeping force of all time considering how obvious he’s been about his movements.

5 thoughts on “ERASED: Episode 6

  1. More and more, this show is reminding me of Parasyte. It started so brilliantly, but since then has become increasingly melodramatic and overwrought. I imagine it’s hard to tell a taut story in 20 minute chunks, but beyond that, more and more I’m questioning the quality of both the source material and the direction. After an astonishingly powerful opening, this simply doesn’t seem like a very compelling story anymore. Rather, it seems like a starkly manipulative and pretty silly one, instead.

  2. OK OK OK. This episode had me mightily confused. I had to re-watch the chat w Sawado 5 times, and I’m still not certain wtf is going on. The police knew Hinazuki’s parents beat her to death then threw her in the freezing shed and yet still managed to concoct the story that Yuuki sprayed water on her head so she would die fatster than under the ciscumstances in which her abusive parents placed her? That sound, my friends, are my eyes spinning like a slot machine.

    “Now that he’s been arrested, how can he possibly have that chance?” – Marlin
    Perhaps Airi isn’t off the hook yet, she still knows the murderer. But then again the murderer is off the hook because Satoru has been arrested. Not sure where this is all going. I’m just so confused.

    • I think you are getting things mixed up, what actually happened is her parents drown her and after freaking out threw her in the shed, then later hid the body, but the police think Yuuki kidnapped her, threw her in the shed to let her freeze to death, then came back to get the body. That’s what I understood from it anyways.

      • As far as I know, her parents beat her, then threw her in the shed. She was taken from the shed, still alive, by the murderer, then her mom called Satoru’s mom when she found out Kayo wasn’t in the shed. After a while, the murderer put Kayo back in the shed and sprayed her with water to make her freeze to death.

  3. Also just FYI, as a guy who has been in several burning houses now (I am on a VFD) fire totally doesn’t work like that. Don’t expect to be able to walk around inside a burning building and be able to see a dam thing and/or not have your face melt off with all the radiant heat. But, you know, its the perfect place to sit around and have a conversation.

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