Blast of Tempest Episode 20


Recap: Hakaze unveils her plan to go back into time, but doesn’t actually do without a good half an episode of everyone else talking about it first.

Look, Tempest, I know you love talking. We love your talking too, for the most part. Still, we all know you wanted us to think this entire next episode would be about Hakaze having to go back in time to find Aika’s killer. We’ve already had all the speculation we need to think about all the causal implications of her going back and the many ways that her death could really go down. We even have already made the guesses our main characters are too blind to see. It was entertaining to see Mahiro calmly go “Whoever it is, doesn’t matter I’ll just kill ’em.” Evangeline kinda disappointed me bringing up something as silly as a split personality syndrome to explain how Yoshino could be the mage instead of, idno, implying that hes just lying to us?


First half over and Hakaze is back in time with all the fanfare and nakedness that came with it last time. I do love that apparently Samon left Hakaze a friggin Stinger missileĀ as Hakaze’s emergency sacrifice. How in God’s name did he get his hands on one of those? Unfortunately we don’t get to spend much time seeing her in the lovely desert island look. I do love how she seems to believe the talking doll is what’s going to draw her suspicion when entering the country illegally and not the part about her going in basically just wearing a loin cloth? Unfortunately we don’t get to see this hilarious border hopping before we go back to Evangeline and the army dude whose name always escapes me. It seems kind of funny that only now they’re talking about how the good the tree has done for the world might be worth the sacrifices in the long run. I still don’t get why they’re in such a rush to destroy the thing, it’s not like they can bring the dead back to life and the planet is legitimately better off for having it.

A jump cut and a miraculously acquired couple hundred bucks later and Hakaze is in the city. I guess at this point if I have any problems I should just think “The Tree did it.” and it would honestly solve any issue. I do love the idea of the Tree just setting up a convenient ATM and clothing shop on the very spot Hakaze landed back on or something. No more than a minute out of the taxi and she sees the object of her search: Aika heading right in the opposite way she is. You’d think by this late in the game everyone would realize there’s no such thing as coincidences, but once again one of our characters shrug off their freak encounter and escapes to continue with her business… only to find Aika standing right behind her again. Life and I would like to extend a heartfelt duuuuuuuuhhh for anyone who didn’t get this twist after the very concept of a Mage of Exodus even came to light. With Aika ready to fight, it would appear we’re going to have the tragedy everyone feared, but without the moral qualm of Hakaze just up and gutting the girl for her man. Seeing how well Aika can control her powers, something tells me this mage fight is going to be something to remember.


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