Hyouka Episode 15

Recap: With their business taken care of, the Classics Club begins investigating the missing club items.

Iro’s Thoughts: 

This arc of Hyouka just gets better and better, really.

As per usual, Houtarou acts as if he wants nothing to do with the mystery, but helps out anyway. They figure out that the clubs are being robbed in the order of the (Japanese) alphabet, and that the specific items probably have something to do with the whole debacle as well. Chitanda heads off to ask the Newspaper Club to run the story and write about the Classics Club, while Satoshi scours the school for more information. He figures out that the Magic Club is next to be hit, and goes to their performance to try and catch the thief in the act. In a clever bid to make it harder for the watcher to figure out who the culprit is, nearly every named character we’ve met so far shows up – not that it matters, since Satoshi notices that a candle was taken sometime prior to the start of the show.

Meanwhile, Houtarou has a short chat with Mayaka in the clubroom and practically admits straight out that he can’t stop himself from getting involved when Chitanda makes her eyes at him. Before she leaves, he asks her for something in return for the flour he gave them last episode, and gets a hand mirror in return. He can’t abandon the trading quest until he gets the Biggoron Sword, after all. She returns to the Manga Society, and after being laughed at by the vocaloid bitches, Mayaka gets a pep talk about FRIENDSHIP from the club’s president and finds out that the vice-president is somehow related to the “A Corpse by Evening” manga mentioned previously.

By the end of the day, everyone in the Classics Club is rather exhausted and down in the dumps. Chitanda is worn out from running around the school and asking favors from people who may or may not follow through, while Mayaka is disappointed that she can’t find the manga she needs and frustrated at the quality of her own work. As he walks home, Satoshi muses on how exposure to the club (and Chitanda) has changed Houtarou and caused him to start opening up. With a clear undertones of resentment towards his friend, Satoshi swears to himself that this time, he’ll be the one who solves the mystery.

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