Hyouka Episode 16

Recap: On the third and final day of the Kanya Festival, the Classics Club gets to work on solving the mystery of the Juumoji incident in earnest.

Iro’s Thoughts: Better pay attention, cause shit’s gettin real.

The group starts off the day’s investigation with Satoshi and a few other guys hanging out around the next club in the sequence to try and catch Juumoji in the act, but our phantom thief skips a letter in their pattern and goes after the Light Music Club instead (EAT IT, K-ON).

Meanwhile, Houtarou’s sister decides to make an appearance, showing up to check on her little brother and buy an anthology. Noting the mirror Houtarou got from the trading quest that started with her own busted fountain pen, she takes it and hands him a manga – specifically, the very “A Corpse By Evening” manga that Mayaka has been looking for this entire time.

As they’ve been doing every episode this arc, the Manga Society proves itself to be worthy of burning in hell: one of the several bitches involved spills an entire container of used watercolor paint-water all over Mayaka. Fed up with the bullshit, she silently leaves and changes her clothes before meeting up with Chitanda, who has grabbed the manga from Houtarou. They examine its artwork and determine the same artist drew the advertising poster for this year’s festival, and that said artist is none other than the Student Council President.

As per usual, a lot of untranslatable kanji wordplay occurs as the entire Classics Club pores over the manga. Houtarou comes to a revelation – there’s the possibility that the plans for the thievery going on during this Kanya Festival were laid during last year’s, when “A Corpse By Evening” was published, and that said plans are somehow hidden inside the documents at their disposal.

And finally, to round things off on a less serious note, Chitanda lands herself a spot in the Broadcast Club’s lunchtime radio show to advertise the Classics Club. Roll credits.

Marlin’s Thoughts:

Hyouka has just mastered this slow burn style. I love how you can see things developing all the time. It’s also great that, since this show actually has a budget, its able to show its character’s emotions and how they change at all times. I’ve been waiting for a Satoshi v. Houtarou fight about his natural gifts, and I thought this episode was going to be the one to do that, but it seems that’s something for another time.

I also continue to be a complete sucker in regards to the ongoing antics of our favorite club president. Her energy and enthusiasm just bring so much life into the scenes she’s a part of. The final scene of this episode was fantastic and basically sums up Chii entirely: clumsy, spastic, but completely adorable. Never change, Chii.

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