Dog Days’ Episodes 4 & 5

Recap: With the games now over for the time being what crazy shenanigans will our heroes find themselves wrapped up in?

ItsaTimmy’s Thoughts: With me way behind this week I decided to combine these two episodes into one post. I could say something like they have Gaul’s goons getting maximum screentime but really I am just too lazy to make two separate posts.

Episode 4: With the games done for a while and the princesses having talked about whatever they wanted to talk about we find everyone saying their goodbyes returning to their own kingdoms. Becky and Nanami don’t get too much screen time this episode, only enough to show their return and them getting acquainted. Becky gets a tour of Pastillage and a meet and greet the people while Nanami gets to know Gaul and gets some serious petting time in with Princess leo. The real focus this episode, however, is Cinque getting his training on with Yukikaze, Eclair, and the vacationing Noir at Yuki’s training camp.

We soon find Yuki and Cinque in what ends as an evenly matched timed battle and Eclair and Noir exhausted after their own intense scuffle. It seems Noir is losing but she refuses to give up so Eclair throws in the towel so they can move on. We later come to find out that that these two are good friends and rivals and have been for quite some time. This entire episode sheds quite a bit of much apreciated light on Noir actually as she is not anywhere near as quiet as she was in the first season. Her reason for being here is the fact that Gallete doesn’t have a demon hunting team like Biscotti has with Brioche and Yuki and she wants to learn from them so she can start one.

After the fights everyone decides it is time for a swim ushering in, you guessed it, a swimsuit episode. But before that we have the obligatory changing scene with the girls where boob grabbing ensues thanks to the flat chested Noir declaring breast size war on the other two. Eclair’s resulting tsundere fury results in a nude Noir finding her way into the quite surprised arms of Cinque. Standard swimming activities ensue once everyone finally gets changed until Eclair makes a tsundereish comment to Cinque and Noir calls her out on it. The resulting summoning arts swimsuit battle leaves them both unconscious and Cinque and Yuki some time to talk about the rivaly between the two.

Later that evening Cinque finds himself unable to sleep and finds Eclair outside doing the same. The two end up getting in some quality alone time together to talk and Eclair ends up having Cinque rest his head on her lap so she can return his petting with some of her own. Much to her dismay the two are found the next morning is that same position. After some more tsundere abuse the gang pack up and leave but not before showing Brioche their newly acquired bright gear moves.

A pretty good episode with Noir getting lots of love this week which is great considering who is voicing her. Hanazawa has more lines this episode then she did the entire last season. It does feel like they rewrote Noir a little bit to make her a lot less shy then last season implied but I can hardly complain. There was also tons of fanservice this episode but with as lot of it being humor based I don’t really mind that much anymore. Would be nice if female anime characters could for once change without grabbing each other’s tits though.

Episode 5: Looks like a bit of trouble is afoot in Galette after we learn that a thief is literally stealing the clothes off of peoples backs. Naturally Leo and Gaul want to go kick some butt but they are forced to stay since they have a dinner date with Millihore. After some pleading on Namani’s part they hesitantly decide to allow  her join Jaune, and Vert while Violle oversees the operation. After arriving in Ayase, an eastern style city where everyone wears kimonos and where the thefts are rumored to be taking place, the girls find that Leo has packed them all each their own kimono to wear. This is starting to feel oddly like a festival episode without actually having a festival going on.

Later during their planning session Nanami proposes that she play a decoy and lure out the thief. How she comes to this conclusion only after seeing some one suspicious across the room I do not know but whatever. The plan works, to a certain extent anyways, as she indeed lures out the suspicious guy at the pub. A brief show down ensues but they fail to capture him and he quickly escapes. Of course it turns out he isn’t the culprit when he shows back up to take out something that was tailing Namami. It turns out that there is a pack of barbarian rabbits that are repeatedly stealing a particular item that their leader wants, that item being ALL the kimonos.

Why does it want kimonos no one knows but everybody starts searching out and taking out all the thieving rabbits they can find. Eventually the head rabbit tries to make a run for it but he is met by none other then Leo and Millihore at the town gate who, not content with sitting around having dinner when there is ass to be kicked, proceed to steal the show as they take down the boss rabbit together. After the dust settles we find everyone gathered where we learn that the mystery guy is non other then Brioche’s brother as well as another demon hunter.

It will be interesting to see if anything develops from having several demon hunters and hunters in training around as they could be setting up something big like what happened last season. Even though the rabbit thing was a little silly this episode was still fun enough and the showdown at the end was great. I must admit it is certainly nice to see Millihore in combat every once in a while as opposed to her sitting around being cute all the time.

Next week it looks like we get to see what that nutty squirrel has been up too. I am no doubt looking forward to that.

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