All Your Monies: September 10th

Hello, and welcome to All Your Monies, where The Glorio Blog’s resident toy and figure collecting crew will run down the last week’s new preorders, turning a loving or scathing eye over what’s been put out for you to spend your hard earned cash on. This week, we slim back down to our regulation size. Also, SPECIAL BONUS…um, thing?

Bayonetta (Bayonetta)
Phat Company, March 2013, 10490JPY

Dragonzigg: I really admire the fact they tried to go with a more unorthodox pose here, but they really did bite off a little more they can chew. This is a pose which looks awesome from some angles, stupid from others, and plain embarrassing from others. Rendering Bayonetta into plastic also highlights some of the quirks in her character design, such as her undersized head, and overall although the detailing is nice it’s just kind of awkward, and also overpriced. I do like the butterfly base however. Also, your regularly scheduled reminder that Bayonetta is one of the most incredible action games ever made.

Jel: I’m kind of indifferent about Bayonetta’s design (although as Zigg says it is an amazing game) so I don’t think I’d really want a figure of her. This does look great though. I love the level of detail, especially on the guns, and the butterfly base is a nice touch. The pose may seem awkward out of context but is really fitting for the way she moves in the game. The other hurdle is the price of course, so despite all that I imagine this is for die hard fans only.

Lifesong: I think this figure looks pretty good myself. I don’t really care for the design, but I think this figure captures it pretty well. The whole crotch in your face thing fits the character.

Timmy: Not really a big fan of the whole crotch in your face thing going on but I have to admit this is a pretty cool figure of Bayonetta. Lots of motion and one crazy ass pose that I say works. Price is a bit too rich for my blood though.

Aqua: I don’t really have a thing for skintight catsuits and secretary glasses, but Bayonetta’s in still a design that sticks with you. More than worthy of a figure, in that case. Out of the many, many snake-like poses Bayonetta is known for, Phat Comany (fo’ shizzle) decided to stick with a kick for maximum crotch exposure. As Zigg said, that looks rather silly from any other angle than the one shown in this picture, but it is original and characteristic above all. I can’t wait for a picture in which she kicks creepy Woody’s ass.

D-ARTS Megaman/Rockman
Bandai, December, 2570JPY

Dragonzigg:This is a really great little package that Bandai have put together here. Megaman’s chunky, armoured getup is perfect for an action figure and including Rush as well was a delightful touch. There’s not really much more to say than that except I like the look of that price, and this is probably already sold out by the time you read this, alas.

Jel: I’m more of an X fan personally and I’m kind of kicking myself I never picked him up. That said, this is a nice, cheap rendition of an iconic design and, other than the fact that it’s already sold out, a must have for Mega Man fans.

 Lifesong: It’s Megaman. Megaman’s design is simplistic and this is a good faithful adaptation of that.

Timmy: Nice simple set of figures that stay faithful to Megaman’s style. Nice and cheap too.

Aqua: Unlike what seems to be the rest of the Internet, I never really cares about Megaman. His simple design still sticks, however, even after all those years and it lends itself perfectly to a poseable figure. The glossy finish on his helmet looks a bit cheap, though. Hey, at least Bandai cares more about Megs than Capcom does. Also nice is the inclusion of Megaman’s dog and some enemy thing I don’t know the name of because I was born in 1993. 

Nendoroid Petite Racing Miku

Good Smile Company, January 2013, 1690JPY

Dragonzigg:  This is just the second MIku we’ve covered on here, but it’s certainly not as good as the last one we saw. I really don’t like the design of this year’s Racing Miku, those hair accessories are utterly ridiculous and the car just looks garish, cheap and nasty. It’s also a lot of money to pay for a lone Nendoiroid Petit, even if you take the car into account. A firm pass.

Jel: Do people actually buy the racing Miku stuff? I guess they do but I always thought of them more as promotional materials than collectible figures. I suppose there are always hardcore Miku collectors out there that will buy anything, but you’d have to be a pretty obsessive completionist to want this ugly thing.

Lifesong: More Miku, cute, but all my care for Miku is either long gone or being reserved for something amazing.

Timmy: Part of me wants to like this since Miku is pretty cute and part of me wishes GSC made that car and actual RC car instead of this silly thing. I might consider buying the thing if they did that.

Aqua: Some people claim that anime figures are just kids’ toys. Even though I do not collect them, I disagree. This thing, however…

Amour Girls Erica Hartmann (Strike Witches)
Bandai, December, 3710JPY

Dragonzigg: I hate Strike Witches, which immediately sort of biases this column, but even so I am profoundly unimpressed by this figure, which is average at best. Poseability looks OK but the paint job seems rough and none of this is explaining why I’m expected to pay more than a thousand yen more than Figma price for what is almost certainly an inferior product. Still, if you love them pants…

Jel: This figure is a bitter defeat in the War on Pants. There are so many better options for Strike Witches figures and for Erica herself. If you must keep fighting the Good Fight, go buy the figma.

Lifesong: There are a lot of good looking Strike Witches figures out there. This is not one of them.

Timmy: Do yourself a favor and save up for Alter’s version of her. Only twice as much and you will be getting a much, much better figure. That or get the figma version when it eventually comes out.

Aqua: Aside from being a Strike Witch, this figure just looks clunky. The legs look poorly slapped onto the panties and the hair looks lifeless and dull. This one won’t win any awards. Aside from maybe the one for “Worst Excuse For Spinning Propellors Of All Time”.

Yukari Yakumo Korindou ver. (Toohoo Project)

Griffon, November, 7830JPY

Dragonzigg: Usual disclaimer – I know nothing about Toohoos. Having said that, I really like this design. The black and white contrast strikingly against each other, the red and blonde offset them really well, and the poofiness and frilliness of the dress adds a fine sense of detail and movement in. I’m especially charmed by the boots, which seem so out of place compared to rest of the costume, but are beautifully sculpted and kind of cute somehow.

Jel: Loli Yukari is a LIE! I do know a thing or two about Touhou but I’m not familiar with the particular book or whatever this figure is taken from. I do know it also spawned some cool figures of Reimu and Marisa but this is just not right. For one, Yukari is supposed to look like this or this, and even if they made up some plot reason to make her a loli well I WILL NOT STAND FOR IT.

Lifesong: Yukari was born with her massive chest. As Jel put it Loli Yukari is a lie, blasphemy even. That said I actually like the design a little. I am done collecting Touhou otherwise this might tempt me.

Timmy: EVERYTHING IS BETTER AS A LOLI! I must admit she is pretty cute. I am sure everyone who is collecting Griffion’s Touhou line can make room for one more.

Aqua: Touhou is the way to go if you love frills, and this Yukari is no exception. This lovely lady comes with a fan and an umbrella, both finished off with the baroque-like perfection of the flowing cloth of her dress. The tiny details, especially the ribbons and the strands of hair blowing about are breathtaking. My only complaint is the face. Is it supposed to be mischievous, or simply cute? Something seems a bit mannered about her eyes, but if you love Yukari, this can be easily forgiven.

S.I.C. Kamen Rider OOO TaJaDor Combo (Kamen Rider OOO)
Bandai, December, 4550JPY

Dragonzigg: I love the SIC line’s more twisted, organic take on the Riders and this thing is no exception. Though it’s not quite as messed up as some previous iterations, those gnarly looking talons are faantastic and I dig the dirtier, darker red tone they’ve gone with here, along with that scaly looking ‘skin’. The remaining green and white tips on the wings are a cool touch and the entire thing looks suitably treacly and grungy. Ace.

Jel: Well it certainly looks different than the other Kamen Rider figures I’ve seen. Is he a bad guy? He looks kind of evil. I like the details like the scales and what not, looks like a really accurate representation of a man in a rubber suit who will probably fight another man in a rubber suit while there are explosions in the background.

Lifesong: I know nothing about this, looks pretty cool though.

Timmy: Man, I know nothing about Kamen Rider or this character but he looks pretty badass.

Aqua: When my brother was little, he once put a rooster in the microwave oven. This is what the result looked like.

Nerv Headquarters Humidifier (Evangelion 2.0)
Vertex, November, 7960JPY

Dragonzigg: I have seen a LOT of dumb Eva merchandise in my time, but this takes the cake. I suppose if you wanna be reminded of a teenage boy’s psychological breakdown while moistening your air….actually, you should probably get help with that.

Jel: NOW I UNDERSTAND THIRD IMPACT! When the angels reach terminal dogma, it releases a massive amount of steam. This throws off the Earth’s eco systems and kills everyone slowly as their homes are filled with mold. Thank you, Vertex for finally solving the mystery for us with this helpful scale model.

Lifesong: Too bad it is not a dehumidifier. I have no use for a humidifier.

Timmy: Filling a bit sick? This will cure all your aliments with the power of steam while looking awesome doing it.

Aqua: I suppose cast-off Rei figures are not enough to get your room all hot and steamy.


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