All Your Monies: December 8th 2014


Hello, and welcome to All Your Monies, where The Glorio Blog’s resident toy and figure collecting crew will run down the last week’s new pre-orders, turning a loving or scathing eye over what’s been put out for you to spend your hard earned cash on. This week it’s a partial return to form for Alter, as the venerable manufacturer takes spots 1 and 2.

Beethoven (Eiyu Senki Gold)
Alter, April 2015, ¥9,800


Zigg: This is the kind of thing I want to see Alter do more – beautiful, more subdued design with with wonderful detailing. There’s an elegance to the figure which makes it stand out from the crowd and it doesn’t hurt that the character herself is pretty unique, yet demure at the same time. The muted colour palette, elegant base and classical connotations all add to a very interesting, unique figure. Highly recommended.

Jel: This is kind of cute and like the smooth matte finish to the paint, but if it wasn’t for the fact that this is supposed to be Beethoven would anyone care? In fact, would you even know it’s Beethoven if it wasn’t conveniently engraved on the base? It think it would have been cooler if she had an actual piano instead of just keys on her dress, but maybe that’s asking too much.

Euri: Very cool figure, setting aside the casual weirdness about having a Loli Van Beethoven on a shelf somewhere. In fact I’d probably like this even more had there not been explicit references to the real composer, but hey, what can you do. Not particularly exciting as far as colours go, but that’s not so much a bad thing in this case. Anyway, it’s all about the piano dress.

Timmy: Eiyu Senki has some pretty intriguing designs and I am glad Alter grabbed this one as they did a pretty stellar job with it. Beethoven’s key dress is easily the most catching feature, but all the gold trim, the meticulously crafted violin, and her headphones and face all look really nice..That base makes me think Beethoven would look stunning atop a sleek black piano if you happen to have one. Overall a nice unique piece and pretty tempting.

μ12 Alter ver. (BlazBlue)
Alter, April 2015, ¥17,800


Zigg: It’s difficult to deny the drama of the overall piece and that base-plus-legs combo should be the stuff of figure legend. But the weird, melty hair seems to be an effort at a specific effect that’s gone terribly wrong, and the overall exploitative look is difficult to ignore. A magnificent showpiece then, but perhaps not everything it could have been.

Jel: Mu is arguably my best character in Blazblue so I would almost be interested in risking that much skin on my shelf for her. I have to admit though, the whole thing looks kind of cheap. The hair looks rough, and yes, I know it’s supposed to look weird and abstract but it’s not making the jump to 3D very well. Even beyond that, something about the paint work just isn’t doing it for me, like there’s a distinct lack of detail or shading that I would expect from Alter. Hopefully they’ll touch that up before it hit shelves, otherwise this is kind of disappointing.

Euri: It’s visually striking and has a cool pose, but your mileage is going to depend on if you want to spend 18k yen on figure butt.

Timmy: Pretty snazzy looking, especially with the addition of that light up base and those blades attached to it. Unfortunately this one falls into the  diehard fans only category though because of that price, but if you are one of those I say Mu is probably worth it, though a sane person would wait for a price drop..

Won Pairon (Blade Arcus from Shining)
Alpahmax, June 2015, ¥11,800


Zigg: As ever I’m not a fan of Tony Taka’s ubiquitous style, but otherwise there’s a lot to like here. The white/blue colours are nice and fresh and provide a cool, striking contrast to that elaborately tattooed/besocked black leg. Add in a very stylish base and a high overall level of detail and this is the rare Tony figure I am fully behind.

Jel: I can’t remember the last time I liked a Shining figure but I have to say I like this. The color scheme looks awesome and that leg tattoo thing is rad, not to mention the that unique dragon coin base. My only complaints are the boring pose and even more boring Tony face, but pretty cool otherwise.

Euri: The one leg tattoo/sock/dirt thing going on is kinda cool, and I’m way into the hair movement and ahoge. The base also gets some bonus points for not being a pale pink plastic disc. There’s something about the face that’s just a bit bland, though. I can’t quite put my finger on it, but it just feels like there’s something missing.

Timmy: That dragon coin base, the tatoo sock and blue flame effect on her hand, and the outfit in general all look pretty fantastic. As for her face and pose I like them from a calm before the storm standpoint but they are slightly underwhelming. At least the face looks nicer from lower angles but I am still a little on the fence with this one, especially when you factor in that price.

Nendoroid Hatsune Miku Senbonzakura Ver. (Vocaloid)
Good Smile Company, May 2015, ¥3,889


Zigg: I still think Senbonzakura is one of Miku’s better designs, although the big flowing sleeves don’t translate as well on the Nendoroid scale. Still, the winking face is adorable and the miniature Penny Farthing practically sells this figure on its own.

Jel: We sure are getting a lot of these Senbonzakura figures. It’s definitely one of the cooler iterations of Miku, so that’s not necessarily a bad thing. The classic pose this Miku is known for is cool and all, but the real selling point is the tiny Penny Farthing bicycle she comes with. Who hasn’t wanted to let their nendoroids cut loose like its 1891?

Euri: I was getting ready to dismiss this one as yet another Miku Nendoroid for the pile, but that hat and the outfit is going a long way. Just think of all the Jojo poses you could get out of this.

Timmy: One of my favorite Miku designs in nendoroid form. Too bad a lot of my love for the little buggers has dried up.Still a pretty solid buy, especially with that old school bike in the mix.

S.H. Figuarts Tuxedo Mask (Sailor Moon)
Bandai, April 2015, ¥5,000


Zigg: It’s tough to get over just how tacky and cheap all that black plastic looks. Aside from that, this is functional, but Tuxedo Mask never had the most amazing design and really needs animation to bring that big swirling cape to life. Without that you’ve got a guy in a slightly fancy suit.

Jel: As with just about all Figuarts, this looks cheap and costs a lot of money. At least the cape looks nice, other than that this is only good as an accessory to go with your actual Sailor Moon – just like the show!

Euri: It has pretty obvious doll joints, but that’s typical of these figures so you’ll know if that’s a problem to you or not. To be honest, I’m not going to be interested in a Tuxedo Mask figure unless he can fire roses out of his arm with the press of a button.

Timmy: A lot of money for not a lot of quality is how these figuarts usually are and I don’t see Tuxedo Mask being any different. Still there is at least some attempt at detail in the sculpt of his outfit. If you have Moon and need her man to complete the set by all means, but don’t be expecting perfection.

PPP Saber Bride (Fate/Extra CCC)
Medicom Toy, August 2015, ¥12,960


Zigg: The Perfect Posing Products line has been full of quality stuff so far and this first crack at Saber is no exception. Dynamic pose, excellent detailing on a finicky character design and a sharp face. All of which doesn’t excuse absolve the frankly ludicrous base character design, the lazy purple blob base or the higher than average price.

Jel: Saber Bride has got to be one of the dumbest designs ever, but I must admit this is one of the better looking figures of her that we’ve seen. There’s not too much emphasis on the unzipped portions of her dress and I really like the paint and detail work. The pose is kind of interesting too, but whatever that purple blob coming out of her foot is supposed to be, that’s got to go.

Euri: I can’t really tell how spoilery this is or isn’t. Also, what’s with the playdough attached to her foot?

Timmy: I have always kind of liked Bride’s crazy design save for the unzipped top so it is nice to see that not be the focus of this figure with the crazy sword seemingly taking its place this time around. Pretty neat pose too, but that purplish leg support that enables it is terribly, terribly distracting. Make that ugly thing clear instead and I might consider biting Medicom.

Bayonetta (Bayonetta)
Flare, June 2015 Next week in game magazines, ¥28,000


Zigg: Ask your mom.

Jel: After seeing Bayonetta 2 in action I’m done with this design, I say short hair Bayonetta or nothing at all.

Euri: I like Bayonetta, and this is certainly a great Bayonetta figure. But check out that price! Only die-hard fans need apply.

Timmy: Remember that diehard fans only category I mentioned earlier? This figure is pretty much is the poster child for it. I can’t help but suspect that Flare knew going in that Bayonetta would already have low sales regardless of the price so they jacked it up to ensure they make a profit. Still it is a really nice figure with all sorts of crazy detail going on. And I would expect this to be rolling out of Alter’s factories so the quality is going to be there if you can muster enough yen. And you do have a very favorable conversation rate with the dollar which would put her in the $235 range. If you need her, get her as I doubt she will get cheaper.

3 thoughts on “All Your Monies: December 8th 2014

  1. I really want to like the Miku nendoroid but there’s just something about it that bothers me a lot. I’m not sure why. 😦 I love the colors and the extras but… I don’t know. I’m not really sold on her.

  2. The tuxedo mask does look cheap, but anyone who can pull off the top hat look deserves to be purchased….errr admired…..errrr whatever.

    Won figure is sick but her eyes lack any pop. Like they are glazed over.

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