All Your Monies: August 7th

All Your Monies August 7th

Hello, and welcome to All Your Monies, where The Glorio Blog’s resident toy and figure collecting crew will run down the last week’s new preorders, turning a loving or scathing eye over what’s been put out for you to spend your hard earned cash on. This week, the post is late because Zigg was busy getting thrown out of his house. There is a minor Persona 4 spoiler in this week’s post. Also NON ANIME FIGURE BLASPHEMY!

Sena Kashiwazaki (Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai)
Good Smile Company, December, 5,040 JPY

Dragonzigg: I never thought I’d resort to being this crass but…it looks like she needs to go to the toilet. While I’m sure that makes some people ecstatic, it’s not something I can have on my shelf.

Jel: With all the Haganai figures in the works, I think GSC’s Yozora and now Sena look the best. Yes, they both look kind of miserable, but that is appropriate for their characters. That said, I’m more of a Yozora fan personally and if I got Sena it would only be to complete the pair. 

Timmy: Pouty and pissed off. GSC has done a fine job with Sena here as she looks fantastic. While I personally love the face since it matches her personality, I know a lot of people don’t care for it so much. Maybe GSC should have considered adding swap able faces or something.

Lifesong: I’m getting lots of mixed signals from this figure. I’m really not sure what it’s trying to do or be but it’s not working.

Aqua: Here comes the Meat. There’s nothing to complain about as far as the sculpt and paintjob go – as expected from GSC – and the facial expression matches Sena well – well, at least better than any other sensible facial expression they could have put on her. Though, it’s not exactly something to put on your shelf. Sena just seems like one of these characters you’d be better off buying a Nendoroid of, unless you poop money. Haha, more toilet jokes!

Kureha (Shining Wind)
Wave, February 2013, 6,350JPY

Dragonzigg: Everybody seems to be going gaga over this, but I’m not entirely sure why. She looks smart and that’s a pretty cool sword but otherwise this is another schoolgirl in uniform. It’s not like it’s a cool uniform or a dynamic pose either. Maybe people just really love the Shining series?

Jel: I do like simple, sharp designs every now and then and this does seem to fit the bill. But in the context of Tony Taka’s other Shining character designs this seems really out of place. Might be nice to add a touch of class to your collection, but I’ll pass.

Timmy: Meh. I like the character and Wave have done a fine job but the school uniform just seems so plain, especially compared to all the other designs that are out there for Kureha. Having something like what GSC’s does with Zero Saber’s sculpts, with all the painstakenly created wrinkles and creases and all, would probably help but otherwise it just feels like something is lacking. That sword does look great though.

Lifesong: I can’t call this an ugly figure but it is kind of boring. With so many other great Tony Taka girls turned figures on the market I can pass on this one pretty easily.

Aqua: I have no idea who this girl is. Maybe Haruka Minami changed schools and bought herself a badass sword? To be honest, being generic like this figure simply doesn’t warrant the effort. She looks confident and solemn, but her pose is rather boring. Even without the sword, she’d deserve better.

D-ARTS Izanagi-no-Ookami (Persona 4)
Bandai, November, 2,790JPY

Dragonzigg:Love, love LOVE that design. Though we barely see it in the game, Izanagi-no-Ookami is one of the coolest Personas out there, and way way better than the, in my opinion, somewhat bland regular Izanagi. The only thing that is preventing me from picking this up is that it drops in November, which is pretty much ground zero for the wallet apocalypse on current release schedules.

Jel: Is it weird that I kind of prefer the regular Izunagi design? Even still, I have been wanting to grab some figures of the actual Personas and this will join the fight for my cash with its simpler counterpart. They will both probably lose to Thanatos though…

Timmy: Not really sure who or what I am looking at here since I never played the Persona games but I am sure this looks pretty bad ass. Not a too bad of price either.

Lifesong: Oh hey spoilers I guess Izanagi winds up looking like this at some point during P4? Looks pretty cool but as I have not played the game this is another easy pass.

Aqua: Izanagi-No-Ookami’s design is amazing and well-worth this great-looking figure. He even looks as if he’s reaching out to the truth. If you’re interested in this guy, I can tell you: getting him in actual tangible form will require less actual effort then getting him as a Persona in-game. I expect the Izanagi-No-Okami x Konohana-Sakuya pictures on MyFigureCollection by next week.

Erica Hartmann (Strike Witches 2)
Alter, December, 6,980JPY

Dragonzigg: While I loathe Strike Witches with a fiery burning passion this is a figure by Alter and therefore immediately worth of my attention. I love the amazing detail on her airplane legs, the fantastically painted and crafted gun and the hat, which is just flat out amazing. The switchable arms are a really nice touch and as ever Alter are perfect at capturing movement in their sculpts. I just wish she’d put some trousers on.

Jel: I’ve grown immune to new Strike Witches figures, although this one does seem to be more detailed than usual. The pose is fantastic as well, I don’t know the character but I feel like I just learned something about her by looking at this figure. Good job Alter, you’ve just scored another victory in the War On Pants.

Timmy: Alter once again tries to get me to buy a Strike Witch. As usual Erica here looks fantastic, nothing short of what I have come to expect from Alter. The real kicker here is the completely different expressions you can achevie with the alternate parts, both of which are great. This is exactly what I was talking about when I mentioned swap able faces for Sena. I do wish there was a pants option as that limits who this will appeal to but Alter is hardly to blame for that. At least she is in a pose that isn’t showing the lack them off so much, unlike some of the other girls.

Lifesong: Looks great as per usual from Alter. I try to just ignore that these exist to save my wallet. I am way to late to the party to get into this line now.

Aqua: Alter makes great figures, blah blah, interesting pose, blah, no pants, blah blah, great detail, blah blah blah, Strike Witches sucks, blah blah, look at the gun, blah, Linkin Park nendos, blah blah blah.

Nanoha Takamachi Bunny Ver. (Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha StrikerS)
FREEing, December, 13,350JPY

Dragonzigg: Another week, another Nanoha figure, but at least this time it’s a brand new look for her. It’s always nice to see an appearance from the older, curvier Nanoha and I’ve much less of an objection to something like this than the Taiga bunny figure we posted a few weeks back. FREEing have carved out a reputation for high quality figures of this ilk, but at 1/4, a big scale means an equally big price.

Jel: FREEing’s March of the Giant Bunny Girls continues and I am not interested at all. I can appreciate the quality of the product but there are enough Nanohas and Bunny Girls in the world that I don’t think we need to combine the two. I suppose it would be cool if you are a big Nanoha fan…… Timmy?

Timmy: Me? When did I become the resident Nanoha fan? I’ll admit that she does look great here along with all of Freeing’s other bunny girls but they were never really my thing. If they are your’s though I don’t think you can get much better then this as far as Nanoha in a bunny costume goes. Just be ready to part with lots of your money, 

Lifesong: Another giant bunny girl from FREEing move along.

Aqua: Damnit, Zigg, stop putting Nanoha pictures in this feature. I’m sure fans who’d like to buy a figure of Nanoha in bunny gear would already know this exists. As for the figure itself… Well, uhm… Uhm… At least it’s not the grade school Nanoha they dressed up in bunny costume?

Batman (The Dark Knight Rises)
Hot Toys, April 2013, 34,350JPY

Dragonzigg: OK, there’s no reasonable way you can describe this as an anime figure but since you can buy it on Amiami that’s enough of a reason for me to screw the rules and let it in.  Hot Toys are famed throughout the toy world for their indescribably badass figures but at 1/4 scale this just takes it to a completely different level. Complete with awesome base, every weapon and accessory you could possibly want and a mind-blowing level of detail, there might have never been a better poseable figure.

Jel: Yeah yeah, all that stuff Zigg said is true but he forgot to mention the incredibly detailed, incredibly creepy alternate Christian Bale head. Now you too can pretend to decry your stage crew’s lack of professionalism for a mere $440 US.

Timmy: It is a figure of Batman. He is poseable. He looks awesome. He costs a lot of money. You can buy him with Joker and save some of that money or your can buy a smaller version of him and not spend as much money. Seriously though he looks great but I am not spending that much, or the 250 bucks for the 1/6th version on Batman. I am sure someone out there will though.

Lifesong: There is a nice level of attention to detail here though I find the price hard to justify. Also I thought the movie was pretty bad so I wouldn’t want something this expensive hanging around to confuse my friends.

Aqua: So what if he’s expensive? Are you dense? Are you retarded? He’s the goddamn Batman! This is the figure the world deserves, but not the one it needs right now. Only with your wallet in ashes and this humongous, badass lump of plastic on your shelf, you have my permission to die.

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  1. And before I realized it i read all of your figure reviews. They’re pretty entertaining to read and I like hearing other peoples opinions on the new releases, keep it up!

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