WWG&WWT: August 2012

Welcome to another edition of What We Got and What We Thought. This month newcomers Gee-man and Irothtin pop in to show off some loot, Jel gets his nendos on, and I go on a Mandarake buying spree grabbing several older figures as well as some other rather interesting things.

Dragonzigg  got: Nothing because he is too cheap to pay for EMS shipping and give his extortionistic country the  funds it needs to survive.  

Jel got:

Good Smile Company’s Nano Shinonome Nendoroid



Timmy’s thoughts: NANONANONANO!  Man I want this.

Good Smile Company’s Sakuya Izayoi & Flandre Scarlet Nendoroids


Jel’s thoughts: These are sold separately but I figured I’d knock them out in one shot. The Touhou nendos have been somewhat exclusive up to this point, so I’m loving the fact that GSC is re-releasing a few in their online store. I was more than happy to grab Sakuya as she’s my favorite Touhou character, and Flandre has been one of the more elusive (i.e. “expensive) nendos in the aftermarket. They both look great, Sakuya with her tea set and knives and Flandre with her unique rainbow crystal wings. I also love the custom bases, something you never see with nendos. GSC currently has Youmu up for order so I’ll be grabbing that as well, here’s hoping they re-release the rest!

Timmy’s thoughts: I only got to see a glimpse of these two before I forwarded them to Jel but what little I saw made me wish I had gotten both of them for myself. I am probably better off though seeing how, with Alice and Yuyuko now announced, GSC is hell bent on rereleasing all of them. I am getting a couple of the figmas though so I am sure I will get over it.

Gee-man got:

Good Smile Company’s Imca Nendoroid

Insert angry Sega rant here

Gee’s thoughts: Man, people weren’t kidding, Nendos are as adorable in real life as they are in the pictures. While Imca’s huge gun-sword-death machine thing is rather unwieldy and gets in the way of posing Imca herself, it’s a great accessory. While I may never play Valkyria Chronicles 3 (FUCK you Sega!), I’m still quite a fan of this little figure.

Lifesong got: Nothing because for some reason Amiami decided to put not one thing but his entire order on the delay train. Choo Choo! See you next month.

Timmy got:

Alter’s 1/8th Buddy

Timmy’s thoughts: I have had my eye on Buddy for a while now and while I have been able to resist not one but two releases of her, when I saw one in the AmiAmi preowned section I finally caved. Being made by Alter I figured she would look stunning but I wasn’t expecting to be totally blown away by the amount of detail she contained. The base was also a lovely surprise and is a far cry from the albeit nice but rather plain ovals of their Samurai Girl line. I really wish they got this creative with all their bases. Buddy is beautiful and you should all buy one.

Alter’s 1/8th Takamori Haruka Beat Blades version

Timmy’s thoughts: Alter’s Haruka popped onto my radar when I decided to preorder their Narika rerelease and being the completionist that I am I had to track down the first figure and main girl in the series. Haruka is quite lovely and I am sure glad I did. I especially love the way her blue eyes and weapons clash with her yellow outfit. I should note though that she has two of those weapons. Unfortunately I broke the peg on the handle of the second one when I twisted it slightly to pull it apart. In hindsight reading the directions would have probably prevented this so its something to remember in the future. At least she doesn’t look goofy without it while I figure a fix out.

Zigg’s thoughts: I love the sense of motion Alter imbues their figures with and this one is no different. The flowing scarves, the action packed pose, the cool weapons, it’s a great looking figure. I just wish she’d put some trousers on.

Good Smile Company’s 1/8th Mishiro Akatsuki

Timmy’s thoughts: This figure and I already have quite a bit of history dispite being just added to my collection. This should have actually been my 4th figure had some asshole not taken my money and ran. Lesson learned I guess and having paid twice for this figure I can now say Mishiro was still very much worth it. GSC did a great job on her and whether you wish to display her in her undamaged or damaged uniform or even just in her unmentionables she still looks great. Also packed in the box are a drama CD and an artbook so this one is well worth the $25ish price tag on Mandarake. I have even jumped on the next in the Shuraki set, Rizfis despite being well aware of the horrors that come with her.

Bandai’s Figuarts ZERO Asuka

Timmy’s thoughts: I love Senran Kagura and have wanted this Asuka since she caught my eye a while ago. Sadly I was too late for preorders and everyone wanted an arm and a leg for her, at least untill she popped up on Mandarake anyways. While she does have some slight seams running up the legs and the painting on the belt wanders a little bit, she is otherwise quite lovely and I am glad I picked her up.

Good Smile Company’s Kan’u Unchou Nendoroid Petit School Uniform and School Swimsuit version

Timmy’s thoughts: Despite not really caring much about Ikkitousen I find myself a bit infatuated with Kan’u’s character design. I think that has something to do with her long hair and how it covers her eye more then anything. And here I come across  a tiny, cute Kan’u. How could I not buy this?

Alter’s 1/8th Tsuruya-san Maid Version

Timmy’s thoughts: Mikuru was the second figure I that I had purchased over two years ago and its great to finally have her partner in crime in my collection. Tsuruya looks great and Alter did a mighty fine job making her, especially considering how old this figure is.

Zigg’s thoughts: I hate maid figures but man, this thing is just adorable. There’s something about the way Alter pose stuff which just makes them irresistable.

Gakken’s Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha StrikerS Original Sketches volume 2

Timmy’s thoughts: Decided to throw this in an order and complete the set. Not sure why but it is really fun seeing my favorite scenes of the show in sketch form. And no I am not talking about the transformation scenes, though those do have their very own section in these books. Also loving the symmetry of the covers when you put the two books side by side.

Cospa’s Jubei Yagyu Dakimakura Cover

Timmy’s thoughts: I have always had the thought that if I ever bought a dakimakura cover this or a mild one like this would be the one, and after seeing an unopened one for a good price my curiosity got the best of me and I bit. My opinion of these really hasn’t changed, being not really a fan of the under aged and/or nude ones, but I can see why people buy them. The smooth knit material of this one is soft yet seems quite sturdy and NIO’s art is vibrant and lovely. While I don’t have any plans to spend the night with Jubei any time soon I am certainly not opposed to displaying her as part of my collection. Mayyybe when I get my own place though. As for buying more, no other one has caught my eye the way this one did so that probably won’t be happening for a while.

Zigg’s thoughts:

While I respect Timmy as a friend and a gentleman, I hate hugging pillows with the burning fiery vengeance of a thousands suns. This is no different.

Iro’s thoughts:

Timmy, Irothtin, and Gee-man got:

Xseed’s The Last Story with preorder bonus

Timmy’s thoughts: A bit bummed out to have my copy arrived damaged in the mail but this is an otherwise wonderful preorder bonus. I have yet to even pop in the game but I am already quite happy to own this.

Iro’s thoughts:
I’m pretty sure the entire first print for this game comes with all this swag, so if you preordered this game you should have this as well. It kind of harkens back to the old days when regular editions would come with all sorts of cool stuff. The artbook is nicer than Xenoblade’s shitty one, and the book-shaped box is pretty snazzy. As for the soundtrack, it comes with like six or seven tracks, so juuust enough to not be pointless. I might just be spoiled – Persona 4 Arena’s preorder soundtrack only had six tracks, but they were pretty cool remixes, and Skyward Sword came with that incredible 10-track Zelda arrangement album.

Gee’s thoughts:  For a special edition that costs no extra, XSEED really went all out for The Last Story and it shows. The overall package is nice, resembling a book which is a nice touch. Included are a short artbook and a soundtrack with seven tracks by acclaimed composer Nobuo Uematsu. The artbook is pretty basic and covers the main characters as well as some concept art and environmental design. It’s a shame that much of the detail and splendor found in the concept art seem to not show in the game, but that concerns the game itself rather than the package. The soundtrack is also nice, though I will have to admit I haven’t actually started playing yet so I don’t really know the context of the songs. Regardless, it’s Uematsu so you know you’re in for a treat.

10 thoughts on “WWG&WWT: August 2012

    • Yea, I may have went a little overboard this month but eh, whatever. Have to hound Jel a little more and maybe he will take some. I know Flandre and her looked really great when I had them, I wish I could have had the chance to unbox and play with them.

      • That all looks for sure like a bundle spent, I know that feeling after all! Just getting Nanoha,the Scarlett Twins,and a few things coming in adds up.

        Still what could have possessed you to pick up a Dakimakura? -to me that’s on the creepy side of Anime collecting- Sure they look nice but….still good pick ups.

  1. I then should ask you the question of the Dakimakura, can you not think of anything other than “Creepy” when you run it through your head simply this way. “There’s nothing wrong, just a guy who has a pillow case with a anime girl spread out on it and it goes on a hugging pillow…..” if it was one of the nude ones you’d have to think twice on that wouldn’t you?

    Which is the reason why it falls into “Creepy” I doubt any guy who can think of that simple description and NOT cringe a little inside….don’t know why but still I don’t hate Dakimakuras yet to me it’s just CREEPY.


    • Tyjos, just to clarify, I wasn’t being ironic with the ‘gold star’ comment – I also find them creepy. I know it’s incredibly rare for me not to be sarcastic, but this was one of those occasions! Just to clear up any confusion there.

      • No Worries, I can read a sarcastic comment when I see one[Since I think that way at times myself lol] Still whatever possessed them to make Dakimakuras but then again it goes along with the expression.

        “Only in Japan.”

  2. For me it was more of a what the hell, why not as well as just being generally curious about their appeal. As I said I knew this one existed as a if I ever buy one it would be one like this and after seeing an unopened one for about half what they go for new. I also needed an extra 1k on an order to avoid Mandarake’s S&H fee. That came in handy as it was also super cheap to ship.

    As for creepyness I think its more of what you do with the thing, although when people find out you have one of these they automatically think of sleeping with them. You are never going to downplay that stigma so you might as well roll with it.

    Jubei actually is showing less skin then some figures In my collection but just the fact that you can hug the thing makes people cringe.

    • Maybe that’s just my thing with the whole creepyness being stated in what you last said. “Makes people Cringe.” Yeah…Well at least she’s a nice looking one and not one of the other types.

      Still good batch of pickups there!

      Still why the heck Dakimakuras make me cringe is just another thing….must be that stigma for sure.

  3. Idno, call me conservative but I have a similar mindset for risque figures. Different strokes I guess.

    I do find the pillows on a whole different level though, I think what makes it so much different from figures is that it’s literally built to be hugged, which has implications of how far you can go with the thing.

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