WWG & WWT June

Welcome to another edition of What We Got and What We Thought. This month Alter and Kotobukiya show off for Zigg and myself, Jel continues to catch all his toohoos, and Iro picked himself up a few things at AX while running errands for Gee.

Incoherent Babble Episode 10: TRUE SELF Edition

After an even longer break than before, the gang reunite for a new episode. With Zigg hosting and Aqua, Jel and Iro on the panel, they talk survival strategies, pretty men in spandex, bad sequels to bad games and the One Piece Rap before going for an in-depth discussion of this blog’s undoubted favourite topic, the Persona games. Beware spoilers!

Penguindrum Collection 1 Review

Every so often someone creates a masterpiece that can only exist in animated form – or more specifically, can only exist as anime. Putting infamous director Kunihiko Ikuhara back in the director’s chair and pairing him with critically acclaimed studio Brain’s Base was certainly enough to grab everyone’s attention, even before we knew a single detail about the series itself. The result of their union is something beautiful, strange, and not for everyone, but they very well may have achieved that goal.