All Your Monies: August 20th

Hello, and welcome to All Your Monies, where The Glorio Blog’s resident toy and figure collecting crew will run down the last week’s new preorders, turning a loving or scathing eye over what’s been put out for you to spend your hard earned cash on. This week, it’s slim pickings as we’re down to five figures, the mighty Marlin Clock joins us, and Zigg uses the opportunity to unleash DOUBLE NANOHAS.

Nendoroid Hakase (Nichijou)
Good Smile Company, December, 2,620JPY

Dragonzigg: This is a lightweight week, but even if it were packed with most wanted figures, I doubt anything could have knocked this from the top spot. It is simply the most adorable thing ever.

Jel: I’ve already said how much I want this nendo, so needless to say I preordered at the speed of light. I leave you this as my only further comment.

Timmy: God damn is she cute and she comes with Sakamoto as well. And if you get Nano you can recreate scenes from the show. I have said it before but I think that is moe.

Aqua: Am I the only one who regards the Professor from Nichijou as an obnoxious, cheap, blank slate of moe made for the sole reason of producing figures like this? Oh well, it is pretty cute, but to me, it just reminds me of that one joke Nichijou kept repeating when it wasn’t even funny in the first place. … Oh, right, that applies to every joke in Nichijou.

Marlin: Ignore Aqua, his cold Belgian heart just can’t fully appreciate the depth of the Professor’s moe. I have made an article decrying her criminal insanity and I still think she is the most adorable thing ever. Plus, you get Sakamoto in a box, man. SAKAMOTO IN A BOX. This and the Nano nendo are the closest I’ve ever gotten to getting into this trade since the introduction of that Professor Layton Revoltech. The shark-hand rock-paper-scissors accessories are worth the purchase price on their own.

Fate/Zero Petit Chara (Fate/Zero)
Megahouse, November, 5,150JPY (Box of 10 pcs)

Dragonzigg: These are fantastic. I love the sulky Waver and the hyper-smug Archer. But did we really need three Sabers, all of whoom are pretty close to identical?

Jel: I think we’re all on Saber overload as far as figures go and I’m not really sold on the weird eyes. The expressions and the little noble phantasms and what not are cool though, decent price for a set of 10 as well.

Timmy: While these do look pretty neat I am not really a fan of the eyes myself. And like everyone else is saying, having 3 Sabers when one with interchangeable swords would be  enough is rather silly.

Aqua: I, for one, adore the freakish eyes, yet you can buy two nendoroids for that price and to be honest, the designs and sculpts looks a bit too messy. What is there to distinguish this form a cheap gashapon figurine when you can’t even see the details. I love chibis, but a head that’s almost bigger than the rest of the body is a bit too far. Also, where the heck is Caster?

Marlin: The creepy eyes and the cheap looking materials really put me off of this. It’s like someone tried to partially ape the style of the Nisemonogatari ED drawings but quit after starting on the eyes.

Nendoroid Hatsune Miku: Yukata Ver. (Vocaloid)
Good Smile Company, September, 3,000JPY (GSC Online Store exclusive)

Dragonzigg: Amazingly, this is the first Miku we’ve featured on All Your Monies. It’s a good ‘un too – very different from her normal design, even lacking the iconic twin tails. I love the rich blue of that yukata and how it offsets the famous aquamarine hair, and this is one of the few Nendoroids which I think can stand on its own as a figure rather than depending on its stylised hyper-cuteness.

Jel: OH GREAT ANOTHER MIKU NENDOhhhh that is really pretty. I’m pretty much in agreement with Zigg on everything, nice work making a Miku figure that actually stands apart from the crowd.

Timmy: Pretty cute and a nice change of pace for Miku. Would probably be a good buy for the outfit alone since you can use it with other nendos. As for me the original Miku Nendoroid that I own already satisfies my need for a Miku so no dice.

Aqua:While it still baffles me how a non-existent pop star that sounds like a castrated dolphin rather than, say, Damon Albarn, became A Thing in the first place, let alone become so immensely popular that even my favourite hipster musicians start following her on Twitter, this figure is really nice. So basically what everyone else aid, only with 200% more indie cred.

Marlin: Is she supposed to only have three fingers? Idno if its just the lighting but that’s what it looks like to me. All other things considered, it’s a nice pattern and the color composition is nice.

Figma Nanoha Takamachi Sacred Ver. (Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha THE MOVIE 2nd A’s)
Max Factory, December, 2,620JPY

Dragonzigg: This thing is very, VERY similar to the MOVIE 1st version that was released a few years back, except this one has some extra effects parts for Raising Heart’s cannon and appears to lack Ferret boy Yuuno. I’ve no doubt the fit, finish and paint will benefit from the strides MF has made in those years, but it’s a little disappointing they’re releasing something so close to what already exists. At least give us a battle damaged version or something.

Jel: I will write new comments when they make a new figma.

Timmy: I have Movie First Fate and I have been looking at picking up Nanners for a while now but have been waiting to see how this one compared. While the paint will no doubt be better and the outfit is slightly different, I haven’t been sold either way. It really does feel like the same damn figma but with different faces. Lack of Yuno is also a major buzz kill so on one hand you have a better quality figma and on the other you have Yuno. Damn. Why couldn’t they have just rereleased the same figma again? Oh yea, so they could get people to buy another Nanoha figma, thats right.

Aqua: YEAH, ZIGG, I BET YOU WANT TO SEE NANOHA ALL BATTLE DAMAGED HURR HURR HURR! Yeah, really, that is the best thing I have to say about this one.

Nanoha Takamachi Swimsuit Ver. (Magical Record Lyrical Nanoha Force)
Alphamax, February 2013, 6,030JPY

Dragonzigg: This is actually a really nice figure. I’m especially fond of the sweeping ‘s’ shaped curve of Nanohas hair, which adds some motion to an otherwise rather docile figure. The suit is cute and she avoids the waifish, underfed look so many beach figures fall into. The major problem is though…why have this when you could have Alter’s one instead?

Jel: Something about that swimsuit looks more like lingerie than swimwear. Yeah, Alter’s figure from last week blows this out of the water in every way. Their version has a cool confidence to it, this seems to have a more obvious agenda.

Timmy: This is actually a pretty nice figure and a really good alternative to GSC’s 1/4 version. As far as swimsuit figures go her pink suit looks pretty good and those over sized bows are always lovely. Her toned down hair is also a really nice change of pace for her. I don’t know if her hair is actually like that in Force but I think it looks great. Not planning to add her to my collection but I can’t fault anyone who does. I do hope that that isn’t the actual base though.

Aqua: … Is it still last week?

Marlin: I don’t know Jel, that one from last week kinda looked like she was just wearing panties more than this one. This might be a nitpick since unless you’re into that kind of thing that’s not what you’re gonna buy this figure for, but her feet look really weird. I have to say I like how the top looks better on this one than last week’s, but in every other respect this one kinda falls behind.


3 thoughts on “All Your Monies: August 20th

  1. Nanoha keeps getting sexy figures dang it,why must they tempt me to buy her???? And that Miku Nendo in her Kimono draws my attention as well…

    As usual it’s a exclusive that I’ll probably never get.

    But dang it feeling that growing need to have a Nanoha, she looks like she’s a bit less in terms of $$$$ than the Alter one. -but damn that alter one grabs my attention more-

    • The Miku Nendo will be available to all from the GSC Online store, so while she’s an exclusive it’s not one of the ones that will be terribly difficult to get hold of.

      As for Nanoha, I’d definitely splash a little extra cash and get Alter’s one. It’s difficult to tell in pictures, but their quality is just a step above.

      • With some good news I’ve gotten today might actually indulge a little more and think about getting the Alter Nanoha statue….but still that Nanoha she really seems to be getting sexy statues/figures lately.

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