All Your Monies: November 18th 2013


Hello, and welcome to All Your Monies, where The Glorio Blog’s resident toy and figure collecting crew (and Aquagaze) will run down the last week’s new pre-orders, turning a loving or scathing eye over what’s been put out for you to spend your hard earned cash on. This week we’ve got fairies, cowboys, knights and more. And butts.

Leafa (Sword Art Online)
Kotobukiya, April 2014, ¥8130


Zigg: Excellent, excellent work. Kotobukiya excelled with Asuna and they’ve done it again here – beautiful colours (I like the paleness of the green), great and unique pose, terrific base  and an all top level of detail A lot of the Sword Art Online figures we’ve seen here have been less than stellar but this one is excellent and I’d happily put it in my collection.

Jel: After Kotobukiya’s really nice Asuna, I suppose it was only a matter of time before we got an equally stellar Leafa. Granted I’m not nearly as much of a fan of her design, but this is a really pretty figure, particularly the awesome base. Bonus points too for the opaque wings and strap thing on her sword handle.

Aqua: Like Asuna, Kotobukiya gives us a neatly detailed Sword Art Online static for a pretty reasonable price tag. Unlike Asuna, however, Leafa just looks generic. I like the silly oversized boots though. Nice figure based on a lame character, and noy howdy, Kotobukiya, way to put that cleavage front and centre.

Lifesong: I love the way this figure puts emphasis on Leafa’s wings since that is such a central part of her character. I also like the way her cape and hair are flipped up, it gives Leafa the illusion that she just landed. The craftsmanship here is high overall in my opinion. The shading on clothing also stands out to me, though it’s nothing new for Kotobukiya.

Timmy: Really lovely job and unlike the Leafa last week Kotobukiya really nailed the green on this. Nice pose too, as it shows off her cape and esppically wings, which is what a fairy themed character is all about. Nice face and a nice base wrap out the package; I do appreciate the effort Kotobukiya puts into these. As someone who has and loves their Asuna, Leafa is really tempting despite me not caring about the character all that much.

Miki Hoshii Evergreen Leaves ver. (The iDOLM@STER)
Megahouse, March 2014, ¥7120


Zigg: I kind of like this, although I acknowledge it won’t be everyone’s cup of tea. I think it’s the minty green colour which does it for me – it’s very different and makes the figure stand out a lot. The costume is weird enough to be compelling as well – booty shorts, one legging and a bikini top? Add to that the great looking hair and the marvelously out of place cowboy hat and I’m willing to embrace this.

Jel: I forget, is Miki supposed to be American anyway? What other reason could she possibly have for that blonde hair and wearing a cowboy hat? Tacky lime green aside, this seems pretty straightforward until you notice her handcuff belt buckle and that really odd fishnet stocking on one leg. It’s like she forgot to completely change out of a considerably sluttier outfit beforehand. Idol life must be hard.

Aqua: I associate the cowgirl look with strippers by default, and I have to say Megahouse isn’t exactly trying their hardest to change that. This outfit is weird, tacky and just unpleasant to look at. It’s not sexy, it’s not cool, and it’s not cute, it’s just a desperate attempt at being… a thing. Also, what in the name of all that is holy is wrong with that face? You gotta lay off that ecstasy, Miki.

Lifesong: Miki looks alright I guess, but after seeing Phat’s version of Hibiki and Inori the bar has been raised and Megahouse looks particularly boring by comparison. Part of it is the pose, Miki isn’t really doing anything exciting here. The shading work in the paint is also of lackluster, her hair in particular looks like it’s all one solid color. Still this is not a bad figure by any means, but I do wish Megahouse would step up their game a bit.

Timmy: Miki looks nice enough, and that neon green outfit and cowboy hat are pretty fun. She does seem to suffer from a lack of shading though, espically in the hair department. She has a nice sculpt and face but a little polish can go a long way.

Nagito Komaeda (Super Dangan Ronpa 2)
Algernon Product, January 2014, ¥7180


Zigg: As always I will strongly endorse more male figures, but this is sort of eeeeh. The design is cool and I like the cloth sculpting on his jacket and trousers, along with the moody grey/black/dark green palette they’re going with. But the hair looks cheap and there’s not much life in the face. I will note that I know nothing about Algernon, so quality is uncertain. Decent effort though.

Jel: Is he the bad guy? He kind of looks like the bad guy. Despite the relatively simple design, this is a really nice looking figure, particularly the zippers and the tapered pants. I’m also always impressed by really well made shoes, which look great here.

Aqua: Komaeda has one of the less extravagant designs in the Dangan Ronpa universe, and it translates pretty neatly into plastic. His flowing white manes look a bit too plastic-y, and I’m not a big fan of his vacant stare, but overall it’s not too bad a try.

Lifesong: I want his jacket, but I seriously don’t envy that hair. He is probably evil, going to guess that based off the magical symbol thing on his shirt and his crazy hair. I don’t know the character so maybe this is totally cool for him, but he looks super bored. His raised hand looks like a hand raised hand makes him look like he is expecting something. Those two elements don’t play together very well in my mind. Ah well, it could be in character for him, but not knowing who he is it looks like poor craftsmanship to me.

Timmy: Eh, he looks allright and they really did some nice work on his details, but his pose and expression just looks kind of dull and boring to me.

Akane Isshiki & Aoi Futaba (Vividred Operation)
Griffon, December, ¥11,310


Zigg: Well it’s…different, I’ll give them that. As far as twin figure figures go this isn’t actually a terrible pose – it’s pretty unique and makes sense in context. I’m sure the fact it is highly butt-emphasising is mere coincidence. On the other hand, this is a sure leaner, you’re getting twice the Griffon face you normally do and the quality is no better than average all round. And while you’re technically getting two full size figures, that’s a pretty steep price to pay.

Jel: I’ll give this figure points for creativity and despite a bad case of Griffon Face, let’s be honest – you’re not buying a Vividred figure for the face. Overall the quality is kind of average though, and despite the fact you’re kind of getting two figures it is a pretty steep price to pay for middle of the road Butt Appreciation.

Aqua: This figure would be pretty adorable if not for the fact that it is obviously meant to put the butts of two twelve-year-olds front and center. And the fact that it is made by Griffon.

Lifesong: Yup, this is a thing that happened. They get points for being true to the series I suppose. Ironically their faces actually look decent, which is funny because this is one figure where that really doesn’t matter. The biggest problem here is physics though. Yes, I am complaining about physics… Akane is leaning over far too much, she would have started falling before reaching that point. Holding something heavy in that kind of stance just isn’t possible without proper balance. Sigh, lets talk about the thing that really matters on this figure! their butts… The shading work on those butts is crazy. You can even see lines where the bloomers had been prior to this stretching session. If that’s not dedication right there I’m not sure what is.

Timmy: Ah yes, it was fairly obvious the artwork this figure was based on was all about the butt appreciation and so the figure has no choice to follow suit. I will say though that the overall package is really quite interesting and pretty well done. The faces are pretty nice and the pose is really different and quite fun. And for this being pretty much two figures in one I was actually expecting this to cost more, though it isn’t cheap by any means.

Kuroneko Swimsuit ver. (Oreimo)
Orca Toys, May 2014, ¥8970


Zigg: The proportions on this are weird – Kuroneko looks unusually pudgy (that’s not to say she’s anywhere near fat, just relative to most figures of her), the feet are a beautifulyl sculpted abomination, the hair is horrible and the netire thing is just sleazy. If you really must have her in this swimsuit better version have already been made.

Jel: Speaking of Griffon and Butt Appreciation, I could have sworn this was part of their recent torrent of Oreimo figures. It kind of has their trademark porcelain look and subpar body proportions. At least her face looks like it has some kind of depth to it, but if having a three-dimensional face is your only good point then it’s definitely time to move along. I also can’t unsee her monkey hand feet AHHHHH OK no more talking about Oreimo.

Aqua: I like the hair and the silly ribbon, but anything that doesn’t show Kuroneko being a badass snarker in a cool gothic lolita outfit is just character murder. What’s with this fleshy anatomy anyways? She looks like she’s made out of play-doh. This figure just looks awkward and unnatural.

Lifesong: Just another OreImo figure, but Koruneko does look cute. I especially like the giant hair ribbon. No one would ever wear such a thing to go swimming, but seeing how embarrassed she is, this outfit probably isn’t going to the beach in the first place. The one thing I don’t really like here is her hair, she has noodle hair. It’s well painted, but I can’t unsee the pasta.

Timmy: While I am not sure if this figure is a very accurate representation of Kuroneko I can’t help be find my self really appreciating it anyways. She does have a slight pudginess from certain angles but I actually find that quite charming and cute. The hair is also nice and the ribbon is a nice, cute touch. What I really love about this Kuroneko is that face though. It just looks so lovely and photogenic, and from multiple angles too. As someone who enjoys taking pics of their figures its a face I would really have a lot of fun with.

Mio Kisaki (Walkure Romanze)
Daiki Kogyo, June 2014, ¥11,790


Zigg: This is totally dumb but in sort of a weird, amusing way. The swimsuit bit is eh, but I’m mostly just fascinated by how awesomely shiny that armour is, and the level of detail applied to it. Can’t we just have an entire figure of that?

Jel: There’s no way I would ever want this but I can’t help but be amused by it. Can’t decide if you want a cool armor girl or a sexy bikini babe? Why not have both? What’s even funnier is it looks like they were well on their way to making a quality example of either category, particularly the armor bits which look stunning with their faux metallic finish. I kind of wish it was just a full armor figure, but that is just how this weird little hobby works sometimes.

Aqua: Really. Just look at it.

Lifesong: I am incredibly amused by things like this. My sense of humor sucks I know, but literal bikini armor? Who wouldn’t want that in their collection? Aside from well… Everyone else I blog with I guess… Forget I asked. Ironically the only thing stopping me from buying this is the fact that I already have a literal bikini armor figure since I bought Celia. It’s Ironic because that also makes me feel compelled to complete the set… It’s a collectors dilemma. I love the short pink hair and cutesy pose, it’s a nice contrast against cool and composed Celia. My biggest concern aside from her price tag is leaning. These figures are pretty big and fairly heavy and I wonder how well that pose will hold up with only one leg supporting it.

Timmy: What a highly impracticable outfit. Take a dip and the armor will rust, get into a fight and your midsection could get sliced in half. Armor bits look great. The bikini isn’t quite up to par to match but she does have a nice enough body. Overall a cute, comical figure and not bad if you are into that sort of thing.

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