Outbreak Company: Episodes 6 and 7


Episode 6 Recap: Tensions between the dwarves and the elves escalate and Shinichi plans a soccer game to let them work out some of their issues.


Lifesong’s Thoughts: Sports anime and manga bring to mind friendship and bonding, but anyone who follows real sports knows that it’s actually war. Shinichi has to learn that lesson the hard way when he steps the two factions against each other in a “friendly” match. Of course Matoba is all too happy to support their sense of pride and gets Japan to sponsor the match. How does it all play out? Reality can be a bitch sometimes. Matoba and Shinichi has a sobering chat about the realities of national pride as they the “playing field” become enveloped in the fires of hell.

The soccer game itself was pretty fun. I’m not really one to read many sports mangas so I’m not sure which manga inspired the opening shot, but the application was great regardless. “If you’ve got the goal in your sights, then shoot!” And that is exactly what she does… As soon as the whistle blows she scores a point!


Around the mid point of the match Romilda, the dwarven loli, asks Roic, one of the elves, how it feels to be crawling around in the dirt. That was when I knew it was all about to get out of hand. See the elves look down on the dwarves for being dirty while the dwarves think little of the pretty elves. Of course add magic and the elves aren’t as completely useless as they look at first sight. Once the elves are allowed to use magic, everything just goes to hell in a hilarious fashion.

Matoba may have wanted to build up their sense of national pride. It would be in his best interest to keep their current way of life from completely falling apart, but things go Shinichi’s way in the end ultimately. Petralka is very taken in by this new culture and so of course she wants to play around with her new friends. Matoba’s attempt to reinforce national pride blew up in his face when Petralka and Myucel scored a shot on Elbia. On it’s own that may not have been such a big deal, but both teams and all the spectators watch as Petralka, the ruler of this kingdom gives Myucel, a half elven girl, a high five as a sign of their victory. You can just see the -oh shit- on Matoba’s face…


Looking forward it seems like we might get to see Shinichi take Myucel to Japan?! That’s much faster than expected if it is indeed what happens. Life in Japan probably won’t be what she has come to expect from reading manga. I wonder how she will handle it when she sees that otaku understand the meaning of persecution as well. Or maybe the episode will just be about Myucel’s awe and wonder at seeing modern Japan with Shinichi? I think I will be okay with either outcome.


Episode 7 Recap: Myucel and Shinichi go on a date in Akihabara.


Lifesong’s Thoughts: Myucel is trying to kill me I think. It’s a good thing I can’t overdose on moe because this recap would never happen if I could. I mean that in a positive sense in case that isn’t clear. It’s a common enough trope for someone from a fantasy land to be struck by the awe and wonder of modern Japan, but it usually happens at the very start of a story, before we get to know and invest in the characters. What I’m trying to say is that I actually wanted to see all that with Myucel and my heart only barely survived the encounter.

There is a part of me that really wanted Myucel to see that Japan isn’t just a perfect place of fantasy and wonder, but that wasn’t really the goal of this episode and I’m okay with that. Instead Shuichi took Myucel around Akiba and she was overjoyed by the time the train ride ended. As silly as it was, it was also cute to see that sense of wonder. We really do have many amazing things that we take for granted in our every day lives. Trains aren’t one of those in America, but the point still holds true I think.


Basically Myucel in Japan = Hhhhnnngggg. I could spend the rest of my afternoon describing how awesome each scene was, but instead I’ll just pick my favorite moment: Myucel’s reaction to the omelet painted with ketchup. It actually wasn’t even Myucel that made this scene so great, but the maid that was serving her food. When Myucel looks like she is about to cry at the thought of eating Shinichi’s face the maid’s face fills with shock and says “This girls a pro.” I lost it pretty good over that.

Looking forward I’m not sure where the show will go next. Something with Elbia maybe? Honestly this whole episode was basically just a date with Myucel in Japan, and while it did develop the characters a bit, and I clearly enjoyed it, it didn’t really move the story forward in any meaningful way. I assume it’s back to teaching the kids with some new plot development thrown in. I can’t wait to find out.

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