Samurai Flamenco Episodes 15 & 16

flamenco15a Recap

Hazama’s world is flipped upside down as a government conspiracy frames him for the From Beyond attacks. As he runs away from the law, he finds a homeless man who was touched by his original efforts as Samurai Flamenco. Elsewhere, Mari comes to terms with what happened in King Torture’s hideout and finally reconciles with the Flamenco Girls.

Episode 15

Well that episode was filled with a lot of JUSTICE.I thought something fishy might happen with Hazama’s weird clone brother, but after becoming heroes so quickly it seemed strange that they were just as easily vilified. One would think national heroes would get more of a benefit of the doubt before people just trusted the word of TV news saying they’re the bad guys. I’ll join everyone else’s thoughts and say I’m definitely getting Senator Armstrong vibes from the Prime Minister. Who knows what’s up his sleeve. I can’t imagine him being the real big bad, but still his powers must imply something really strange is going on with this world’s governments.


It’s kind of weird to say it but if I had to compare anything to this week’s episode it would be Watchmen. There’s just something about the idea of Mister Justice talking about doing PR for Vietnam that struck a chord about some of the similarities. The way he talked about how American superheroes fought, it seemed to come back to this idea that it was all staged to begin with. If so, then what does that mean for all the sentai heroes that fought From Beyond? Wouldn’t they have known if they were simply playacting instead of actually fighting monsters? If so, why do they still have powers, like the Harakiri Tornado or the Justice Beam? For now I think we’re not meant to focus that hard, but it’s difficult not to.

Episode 16


After cutting away from the Flamenco Girls I was worried we would not see what went on there, but thankfully we got our answer this episode. I made some predictions beforehand and went about as good as I imagined. It takes a lot for Mari’s pride to finally allow herself to accept her weakness. It’s hard for someone to admit that they are selfish, and Mari has to confront that every time she remembers that day in the torture room. The scene when she returns isMoe must be a saint to put up with such theatrics, and that bag gag was hilarious. Still, it goes to show how close they are that even after so much trauma they are ready to heal.


I was wary of the changes of last episode, but that’s completely changed after what we were shown here. I love how Hazama’s story really has come full circle since his start as Samurai Flamenco. Desperate even in his fugitive state, he still retains the morals that led him to don the persona. Seeing how his actions touched just one life made everything he was working for seem worth it. You could see on his face the resolve he got from remembering where this all started from after meeting Goto. I’m scared that their reunion is going to be a trap set by the government to finally get him, but maybe that’s what finally propels Goto into finally becoming Hazama’s partner in getting to the bottom of this entire conspiracy.

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