First Look: Avataro Sentai Donbrothers

High school student Haruka Kito is having a hell of a week. Attacked by a monster, she’s rescued by an enigmatic hero figure, before a pair of sunglasses give her the ability to see a mysterious world beyond everyday illusions. They also mean she can transform and fight alongside other Momotaro-themed heroes as the Avataro Sentai, Donbrothers!

First Look: Kikai Sentai Zenkaiger

Countless parallel worlds have fallen to the evil Tojitend Dynasty, including the universes containing the previous 44 Super Sentai teams. Now, as the Dynasty’s world of Kikaitopia merges with our own, one human and four Kikainoids are all that stand in their way. Armed with the power of all Sentai, they are the Kikai Sentai, Zenkaiger!

First Look: Kishiryu Sentai Ryusoulger

The Druidon Tribe once ruled over Earth 65 million years ago, but abandoned the planet when it was threatened by a large meteor. The Ryusou Tribe, who fought against the Druidon, stayed and survived, their descendants vowing to protect it from evil. When the Druidon return to claim back Earth, it’s up to a new group of Ryusoulgers to put a stop to them.

First Look: Uchuu Sentai Kyuranger

The evil Space Shogunate Jark Matter have taken over the 88 constellations of the known universe. Our only hope is the ragtag group of fighters known as the Rebellion, who quest across the stars to fulfil an ancient prophecy, find the 9 Kyu Globes and restore justice to the universe as the Space Sentai, Kyuranger!

First Look: Doubutsu Sentai Zyuohger

Yamato Kazakiri is a well meaning but clumsy zoologist who accidentally tumbles through a portal to a mystic parallel dimension full of human-like animals known as Zyumans. At the same time, evil aliens called the Deathgaliens invade Earth, planning to use it as the field for their 100th Blood Game. Yamato must team up with four of the Zyuman Guardians to fight off the invasion. Together they’ll defend the planet as the Animal Sentai, Zyuohger!

First Look: Shuriken Sentai Ninninger

Many years ago, the Last Ninja sealed the demon lord Kibaoni away. Now though Kibaoni has returned and only the Last Ninjas’s descendants, the Igasaki Clan, can stop him! Together they’ll don the spandex and battle evil as the least subtle shinobi ever, the Shuriken Sentai, Ninninger!

Samurai Flamenco Episode 17

Hazama gets some help from his friends in order to get a one on one showdown with the Prime Minister. Unfortunately for Hazama, the PM is packing some serious gear. Even if Samurai Flamenco defeats this new threat, will the world still be in danger?

Samurai Flamenco Episodes 15 & 16

Hazama’s world is flipped upside down again …again as a government conspiracy frames him for the From Beyond attacks. As he runs away from the law, he finds a homeless man who was touched by his original efforts as Samurai Flamenco. Elsewhere, Mari comes to terms with what happened in King Torture’s hideout and finally reconciles with the Flamenco Girls.

Samurai Flamenco Episode 14

Hazama’s message brings From Beyond out of hiding, and mass panic ensues. He resolves to fight them at all costs, but will the Flamengers be able to face such an overwhelming force?