The Roundup: Summer 2015 Volume 7 – Late Edition


In this week’s installment…

An abbreviated Late Edition this week as Gatchaman Crowds Insight takes an episode off. That makes me very sad. Meanwhile, Durarara reminds us we hate Izaya, Working!!! tries to do a little too much for one episode, Snow White has too many flashbacks, and My Love Story! might be sinking my favorite ship. At least Insight will be back next week?

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Durarara!! X2 The Second Arc
Episode 20: “Mouth of Honey, a Needle in the Heart”

Saturdays 1:00 pm EST on Crunchyroll

Iro: This week was an Izaya-focused episode, and it looks like next week is as well, which brings me real close to dropping this show. Izaya was fun to hate back in Season 1, but now he’s utterly infuriating in every way, flaunting his plot-armor at every opportunity (I don’t fucking care who you are, you don’t come out of a waterboarding session with a shit-eating grin on your face) and gleefully breaking people’s minds with a few sentences. Depending on how much focus he gets in the third part of Durarara!! X2, I could see this show going even further downhill.

Marlin: What I see here is basically the set up for a gang war. Mikado has been trying to scrub out the undesirables in the dollars for the entire season, in increasingly violent and personal fashion. If he wants to make a “place” for Anri and Kida, the one thing that is absolutely necessary is to get rid of Izaya. It might be that Izaya is even anticipating this, trying to get back on the Awakusu’s good side, gathering together his own Legion of Doom, it seems primed for an even bigger fight than last year’s melee. I’m still waiting for Mikado to have infiltrated these ranks in some way. It’s been stated that he’s been gathering information himself by using his admin access on the Dollars board, maybe he’s finally learned enough of the trade to go toe to toe with the biggest bad of them all.


Durarara! X2 – Is it still called plot armor if you can’t even touch him?


Wagnaria!!! Working!!!
Episode 8: “Mystic Sugar”

Saturdays 2:00 pm EST on Crunchyroll

Jel: This episode was kind of all over the place, even more so than usual for Working. They are juggling Yamada’s re-integration into her weirdo family, Takanashi and Inami dancing around their feelings for each other, and Yachiyo and Souta pretty much being together now. Personally I think I’d prefer devoting an episode completely to one of those things with maybe a quick nod to the others, but instead we kind of had a small, unsatisfying piece of each. Fortunately there were some pretty good jokes to keep things entertaining. As annoying as the Yamada family can be, I do like the mileage they’re getting out of the their nearly mute mother. Her blank text message and ensuing interpretation was a good gag. I’d say there was enough charm and humor to get by this week, but definitely not their best episode.

Marlin: I’m really loving the super awkward scenes with Inami and Takanashi, so this was a pretty good episode for me. It was a bit all over the place, but it’s not like it’s the first time this show has tried to cram three separate plot lines into one. It is a pretty basic 4-koma after all, but the last few episodes had done a pretty good job of making us forget this story’s subpar roots. I always hated the Souta/Yachiyo romantic angle, and the Inami/Takanashi relationship was the only reason I stayed on board for season 2, so the quicker that comes to an adorable, satisfying ending the happier I’ll be.


Working!!! – Bringing them where they belong


Snow White With the Red Hair
Episode 8: “Memories Draw Spirals of the Past…”

Mondays 12:00 pm EST on Funimation

Marlin: The flashbacks are getting a bit unnecessary at this point. I think we all get at this point that Zen somewhat resents the separation his status creates in his personal life. We didn’t really need this melodramatic backstory to show us just how isolated this has made him. I suppose the most annoying thing about going into another Zen flashback is that we barely got to see any Shirayuki. For such a spirited, driven girl there has to be some backstory as to how she grew up to love the study of medicine. By the way Zen, if everyone already thinks she’s your fiance, sounds like a pretty good opportunity to make that rumor a reality. I know we’ve we’ve said this a lot, but just make out already.


My Love Story
Episode 21: “The Letter and Me”

Wednesdays 3:00 pm EST on Crunchyroll

Marlin: I reject this new girl. I reject her with every fiber of my being. She’s weird, she’s creepy, and she has no deep or meaningful reason to like Suna except for “Oooh he saved me from a dodgeball! *swoon*” That is literally what happened by the way. Anime has a long history of people falling in love for absolutely ridiculous reasons. Sure, Takeo kinda just fell in love with Yamada because she was cute, but she quickly showed him that her personality was just as much a reason to love her as physical attraction. So far, anti-Yayoi has just shown that she’s literally a stalker, can’t actually converse with the person she supposedly loves, and is just an all around mess.  I suppose there is a point to be made that Suna isn’t perfect, so maybe his misstep in letting this girl into his life will show some more depth to him. Maybe through talking with her he realizes he doesn’t have feelings for her, but finds the decision of breaking her heart by telling her difficult. It certainly would be the most conflict this story has had in a while. Team Saijou 4lyfe.

Jel: I agree 100% with Marlin on the new girl and as captain of the Team Saijou ship. In all seriousness, Saijou’s down to Earth personality seems like such a better match for Suna. I also just really, really hate the whole “I fell in love with you when were in elementary school! and I still love you 10 years later!” thing, which as oddly specific as it sounds is way more common than it should be. I almost have to wonder if we are supposed to reject the new girl. I mean it’s clear she doesn’t truly understand who Suna is when Takeo has to remind her that he’s just a person. Sadly I don’t think that’s the case, but My Love Story has surprised us before.

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