First Look: Endride


Anime Original by Brain’s Base
Streaming on Funimation


Likeable Teenage Male #24 gets sucked into Alternative Universe #17, where he immediately meets Angsty Justice-Seeking Prince #35 and gets unintentionally caught up in Revenge Story #63. A whirlwind adventure filled with crystals, magical swords, and meaningful life lessons awaits!

Artemis’ verdict: An Exercise In Tedium

There aren’t enough words in the English language to define just how lifeless and lackluster this premiere was. ‘Generic’ certainly springs immediately to mind, but even if I kept repeating just that single word over and over, I still don’t think it’d quite do the experience justice. The entire thing looked, sounded, and played out like an awkward mishmash of several fantasy action/adventure shows stitched into a patchwork whole, all of them clichéd and poorly written to boot. From the clumsy exposition and almost laughably bad dialogue to the painfully bland OP and ED sequences, everything about Endride felt unimaginative and tired as hell. Truly, I’m struggling for more to say here, almost as much as I struggled to get through the whole 20 minutes of that opening episode. I don’t doubt there will be worse to come this season, if only because I at least wasn’t inundated with creepy fanservice, but that strikes me as a pretty low bar to set. “I wasn’t offended, just bored out of my mind” doesn’t make for the most inspiring of taglines, but it’s the most accurate one I can come up with. This is insipid drivel, so lacking in innovation or energy that I don’t even want to call it bad – it’s too dull for that distinction.


Iro’s verdict: Aggressively Dull

This is the probably least entertaining show I’ve seen so far this season, possessing no personality or heart whatsoever. Take a boilerplate JRPG intro with boring designs and mediocre acting and stretch it out to 20 minutes, and you have this episode. At least if it were offensively bad, I’d have things to talk about, but instead it’s just boring. I watched this not five minutes ago and it is already fading from my mind. A complete waste of my time.


Zigg’s verdict: End This Ride

I think I found this a little less generic than Artemis, simply because I by and large find generic fantasy is still more interesting than generic high school or generic sci-fi. But this was still a painfully dull slog through a show that doesn’t really offer anything to particularly latch on to. The art is inoffensive but hardly striking, the story is total mush with generic characterisation, and our main character is such a huge nerd that I, one of the biggest nerds ever, wanted to stick his head in the toilet and give him swirlies. I suppose the hook is the self-created weapons, but not only was this basically already done in Guilty Crown, the weapons themselves are also laughably over-designed and look like the kind of thing I sketched in my school workbooks when I was 13. A bland, frill free affair that it’s difficult to imagine anyone getting excited about.

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