First Look: TwoCar


Anime Original by Silver Link
Streaming on Crunchyroll


Enter the exciting world of competitive high school sidecar motorcycle racing with two girls that kind of hate each other, but are good on the track.

Marlin’s verdict: They Made an Anime About What Now?

It really is getting ridiculous just how diverse the schoolgirl club genre has become. What is even more inexplicable about this show is that it isn’t based off of some niche manga, this studio chose to make this story up for their anniversary! Why? This sport already comes with the largest learning curve of any club we’ve ever seen, and they are not shy in showing that. I guess I do have to give them credit for doing exposition in the form of sports commentators, showing the action while explaining it. Still, I don’t really get how you make this very exciting. Each school has these weird quirks but I don’t get how we’d have time to get to know any of them. Even our main pair don’t seem to have much character beyond “We really love racing, and each other, but we can’t be honest.” At least they got away with some good COOAAAACH’s that’d make Kazumi proud.

Jel’s verdict: Random Anime Club of the Week

The most noteworthy difference between this and other like minded shows is how it jumps right into the action. Typically we would see our main character listlessly wondering what to do with their life and then stumbling on whatever oddly specific club the author wanted to write about. In Two Car, our protagonists are already deep into competitive sidecar racing. The hook is they kind of don’t like each other, or at least won’t admit that they really do, and yet they do great together on the track.

And so I can appreciate the premise, but at the end of the day the results are not too much different than your average club show. There is any army of cute girls who are really into this one random hobby, and they are all going to do their best at it. Throw in some lazy fan service and that’s kind of it. Way to really step it up for your tenth anniversary Silver Link, although I guess it’s better than their other series this season, A Sister’s All You Need. More on that soon…

Artemis’ verdict: This Is Why We Can’t Have Nice Things

I’ve already seen worse as far as cheap and lazy fanservice goes this season, and in that sense, I suppose Two Car might even be considered relatively light. That doesn’t make it any less of a thinly-veiled excuse to fetishize young women on motorcycles though, and Two Car is really going for it in an effort to appeal to all tastes; goth lolis, identical twins, dom/sub, androgynous/feminine, etc. etc. There’s close-up breast, butt, and thigh shots a-plenty because of course there is, and WHY was this of all projects chosen to showcase Silver Link’s tenth anniversary!? I realize you gotta pay the bills somehow and all, but come on guys, surely there were better options to choose from.

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