The 36th Chamber of GLORIO Episode 1: My Young Auntie

We’ve been in this anime game a long time and looking over this season’s new shows… I think it’s finally happened. I’m done. Anime is now cancelled, and we’re happy to announce a new direction for the GLORIO blog: we will be exclusively covering old Kung-fu movies. So join Iro, Gee, and myself as we embark on a new podcast venture.

For our first episode we’ll be covering another Shaw Brothers production, My Young Auntie.

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Opening music available at Free Rap Beats
Audio clips from “18 Bronzemen” and “The Lady Constables”

Show Notes

My Young Auntie (1981)

Directed and Written by Lau Kar Leung

Kara Hui as Jing Dai Nan aka Auntie
Lau Kar Leung as Yu Jing Chuen aka Pops
Hsiao Hou as Ah Tao aka Charlie Yu

9:11 The Setup: Why does a man in his 50s have a 20 year old auntie? Third Uncle is a dick

Opening Credits: Pops knows all the boxing, including the fancy boxing

When Filial Piety Goes Wrong: Pops treats Auntie like a respected elder despite being significantly older – THAT’S IT, THAT’S THE JOKE

17:15 FIGHT #1: Auntie & Pops vs. Random Street Punks
Stage: Harbor Town

Establishing power levels

Back home: Ah Tao aka Charlie Yu has been corrupted by The West

24:20 FIGHT #2: Auntie vs. Charlie and The Boys
Stage: Front Yard

Trashing the family altars is probably a bad idea

And now the movie becomes an “opposites attract” romantic comedy

Trip to the City: What decade is this movie supposed to take place?

31:48 FIGHT #3: Auntie & Charlie vs. Street Gawkers
Stage: Big City Streets

Let Auntie Fight #freeauntie

Charlie’s elaborate plan to humiliate Auntie with the power of DANCE

And now the… insert song???

Side Tangent: Kung Fu movies’ comedic heritage

Godson’s plan to crash the party

41:19 FIGHT #4: Auntie, Charlie, & The Boys vs. The New Four Three Musketeers
Stage: Masquerade Ball

Kung Fu Fencing and the looming specter of western imperialism

Those detectives sure have a look, also the trap is sprung


Ninja Auntie and Private Charlie sneak out

54:34 FIGHT #5: Ninja Auntie and Private Charlie vs. Henchmen feat. Godson & Modern Sunglasses Guy
Stage: Third Uncle’s House

BONUS ROUND: Auntie & Charlie vs. Good Sword Guy and Hard Qi Gong Guy

Auntie’s Sacrifice #freeauntie


1:01:54 FIGHT #6: Uncle Squad & Charlie vs. Henchmen
Stage: Courtyard

BONUS ROUND: Charlie & Pops vs. Good Sword Guy and Hard Qi Gong Guy

Quote of the movie: “So your Qi Gong doesn’t cover your ass?”

Pops could murder all of them at any time

1:08:57 FIGHT #7: Charlie & Pops vs. Godson & Third Uncle
Stage: Inner Courtyard

Pretty clear the youngsters are no match for the old guys

1:10:13 FINAL BATTLE: Pops vs. Third Uncle
Stage: Inner Courtyard

My Dad could beat up your dad with one hand tied to his waist

Auntie’s mission is complete

1:18:55 Final Overall Thoughts

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