This Japanese Idol Group Dares To Go Where No Other Idol Group Has Gone Before!

Move over, posers! This enchanting and smoking hot new idol group from Japan gives the audience what they’ve truly been clamouring for! The cute and sexy members of this new pop sensation bare it all on the streets of Akihabara to show their fans what being an idol is truly all about! Saucy maid outfits! Suggestively eating ice cream! Lewd dance routines! This video has it all! Even the girls from AKB048 make an appearance, lamenting their incoming fall into oblivion at the hands of these hot, new darlings! Check it out!

Unbelievable! You Thought The Red Wedding Was Shocking? Anime’s Got You Covered!

You know how certain blogs tend to come up with a gazillion different variations on a list with the “Most Shocking Deaths in TV History” just so they can keep reminding you how outrageous the Red Wedding scene in Game of Thrones was? Well, of course, they’re in way over their heads, because anime, the objectively superior form of entertainment, just made that scene look like an episode of Blue’s Clues. Judge for yourself!

The Giga Ero-Kawaii Definitive Fan Fiction Awards

All yall bitches like fanfics rite?? You’re not a TRUE OTAKU FAN unless you read all the fanfics and doujinshi of all your favorite japanimations and magmas. But of course we’re all true otaku fanz so we read all the fanficitons that people write.s. Especially for our favoirtes how of all time, the best anime ever…

Chrono Trigger Import Review

With instant classics such as Final Fantasy II, Final Fantasy III, and Secret of Mana, it’s no question that Squaresoft is the king of role-playing games on the Super Nintendo. Every single video game they’re putting out these days is a smash hit, I can understand some level of apprehension about whether they can keep it up, particularly since their newest title does not carry the Final Fantasy name. There’s only one way to be sure of Chrono Trigger’s quality before it inevitably comes out in America: import it from Japan, and my copy has finally arrived. Read ahead to see if Square has lost their Midas touch, or if their games are still gold.

Sailor Moon Episode 131

Recap Tiger’s Eye puts Naru in his sights and attempts to seduce her, before using her as bait in order to trap Pegasus. Predictably, both his seduction and his trap fails miserably.

Glorio 1995 Japanimation Preview

It looks like 1995 is going to be a great year for Japanimation, with more super powered babes and giant robots than we can handle! We got a few tapes in the mail, chatted with our guy at the video store, and scoured the Information Superhighway for as many details as we could find on…