Neon Genesis EvanGLORIO Episode 5: You Can (Not) Fix Everything with Nanomachines

In our newest podcast series, Jel, Iro, and Gee watch and discuss the iconic 1995 sci-fi mecha classic, Neon Genesis Evangelion. Join us and watch along before the upcoming Netflix release.

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Opening Music: “Good, or Don’t Be” – Neon Genesis Evangelion OST III
Closing Music: “Next Episode” – Neon Genesis Evangelion OST I

Show Notes

7:02 Episode 13: “Lilliputian Hitcher” or “Angel Invasion”

  • Routine Magi check-up
  • Naked entry plug testing
  • Corrosion in the protein wall!
  • The Eleventh Angel, Iruel
  • Hacking the Magi
  • Caspar the friendly supercomputer
  • Personality implant technology
  • One second to spare
  • The kids got ejected at some point?
  • The three aspects of the Magi

25:53 Episode 14: “Weaving a Story” or “Seele, the Throne of Souls”

  • NOTES: Why does Evangelion have recap episodes?
  • Rei’s monologue
  • Let’s try swapping EVA’s
  • The Dummy System
  • Don’t put Shinji in Unit 00
  • All according to keikaku for Gendo

36:26 Episode 15: “Those Women Longed for the Touch of Other’s Lips and Thus Invited Their Kisses” or “Lies and Silence”

  • Gendo’s job security
  • Kaji the double agent
  • Misato watching her friends get married like a true millennial
  • Rei would (not) make a great mom
  • Visiting Yui’s grave
  • Shinji plays the cello and Asuka goes dere
  • At the bar with the grown-ups
  • Misato is a sad drunk
  • This is what happens when you leave bored teenagers home alone
  • Rei is absent from school for “reasons”
  • The first angel, Adam

1:03:29 Episode 16: “Splitting of the Breast” or “In Sickness Unto Death and…”

  • Happy home life
  • Shinji is now #1
  • The Twelfth Angel, Leliel
  • Shinji takes point, then gets eaten
  • Rei and Asuka don’t mix, vol. 2
  • Inside the angel
  • Apparently Ritsuko can take command at any time
  • Inside Shinji’s head
  • Unit 01 escapes
  • In the hospital again

1:29:58 Overall thoughts on this block of episodes and the shift the series is taking

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