First Look: Combatants Will Be Dispatched!


Alternative title(s): Sentouin, Hakenshimasu!
Light Novel Adaptation by J.C.Staff
Streaming on Funimation


The Kisaragi Corporation has almost completed world domination, but why stop there? Why not send a randomly selected nameless peon and an android to another planet to get started on taking over the rest of the universe too?


Peter’s verdict: I laughed, I’m sorry

So erm…I actually quite enjoyed this show to be honest.

Our lead guy (protagonist doesn’t seem like the right word here) is a nameless peon for the “Kisaragi Corporation”, referred to as simply “Combat Agent Six” throughout. He is tasked by the heads of the organisation to venture to planets similar to Earth and be a spy with a view of taking over. Oh right, the Kisaragi Corporation is literally an evil world domination group with views on taking over the rest of the universe too.


Apart from not really having a name, Agent Six is a fairly typical shit protag who exists solely to be overly-horny to everyone with breasts and be the butt of all jokes. He’s got a chip in his head that accumulates “evil points” when he does things that are evil, and it’s implied that instead of spending it on equipment to improve himself like most do with their “evil points”, he spends it on porn instead. So, why do I feel like this is an actually appropriate time to do this? Maybe I’m reading too much into it, but this is an evil organisation intent on domination and they get points for being evil. So…if Agent Six is an asshole, wouldn’t that make him appropriately evil for this group?


Anyway, the light novel this is based on was written by Akatsuki Natsume, the same author as KonoSuba, which I didn’t know until I looked it up after watching, but I kinda guessed since there’s a not-so-subtle reference in there which I spotted, and I haven’t even read or watched KonoSuba! Combatants is an isekai in that the main characters are sent to another world, but intentionally through a teleporter, with the intent on making one on the other side to allow for easy travel between the two worlds. There’s some communication between the two in the aforementioned points system allowing for ordering items, and the heads of the organisation are shown watching the events of the next episode preview, but it’s not clear if this is canon or not.

Speaking of not being clear if things are canon or not, there are a number of moments in the show that feel like it’s a chuunibyou delusion rather than being real, such as when Agent Six brings up the parents and real names of the heads of the organisation as part of criticizing their extremely revealing outfits as “cosplay”. I suppose it could be an interesting twist that a lot of what’s going on isn’t actually real, but I doubt that’ll happen.


So, I said at the start I actually enjoyed this show. Well, it’s true! There’s enough comedy at Agent Six’s expense in this to win me over, and self-proclaimed “High-Spec Pretty Girl Android” Kisaragi Alice being infinitely sarcastic and frustrated at Agent Six’s continued existence (threatening to self-destruct on a couple of occasions, which I will always find funny you can’t stop me) really saving the show. I am wary though, as I’ve been in this situation before where I hate the supposed “protagonist” and so does everyone else in the show, so I enjoy them being the butt of jokes, but then everyone starts liking him for no reason and a harem is formed.

By the end of episode 1, Six and Alice are on a new planet, caused some chaos, met and demoted a knight called Snow and fixed a weather machine that makes the Mac startup chime when turned on. The intro to the episode mentions multiple planets, so I don’t know if the plan is to visit others once this particular planet is under Kisaragi’s control, but for now at least they’re on this one, wherever it is.

I laughed a lot, so I guess I’m going to continue watching this show, but we’ll see how it goes. Also, sign me up for a “Dick Festival”.


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