First Look: Seven Knights Revolution – Hero Sucessor

Alternative title: Seven Knights Revolution: Eiyuu no Keishousha
Mobile game adaptation by Domerica and LIDENFILMS
Streaming on Crunchyroll


In the distant past, great heroes had risen to save the world. Now in the present day, the forces of evil have risen again. Mankind’s only hope is the Successors, who have inherited the power of the ancient heroes. A boy named Nemo awakens as a Successor, but nobody knows who the hero his powers come from is.

Zigg’s verdict: Heroically Average

This thing has a couple of things going for it. One, it appears to be a straight-ahead fantasy show, no MMOs, alternative worlds or reincarnations involved. And two, this first episode at least is remarkably clean, with basically no smut beyond the fairly ridiculous armour and outfits the girls wear, which is so low on the anime-perv-o-meter that it barely rates. We should really be past the point where ‘not actively creepy’ is a selling point, but ya know. What’s left over is a very straightforward fantasy show whose mobile game source material is fairly obvious. The direction and action is uninspired without ever getting near disaster levels, and the idea of inheriting the powers of past heroes has the potential to be an interesting justification for the obligatory Loads of Characters. This is an anime-ass anime, but I don’t mean that entirely pejoratively, and I probably would have been way into it were I still 14. You could do worse.

Iro’s verdict: Not a Revolution

This show’s main redeeming qualities are what it’s not: it isn’t isekai, it doesn’t revolve around shoehorned-in quantified game mechanics, the protagonist is neither a rapist nor a slaver, the camera doesn’t zoom in on anyone’s boobs or butt, and the female characters aren’t completely useless. Our bar has indeed been brought this low by shows such as Full Dive, Shield Hero, and Sword Art Online. In reality, all this means is that while Seven Knights Revolution is thankfully not a shitty creep-fest, it is intensely generic; something I would have derided as “extruded anime product” if the isekai trend had not traumatized me to such an extent. It is clearly based on some kind of mobile game, and everything about it has the vibe as a B-tier PS2 JRPG. That’s all fine, but it’s not what I need or want in my life right now.

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