The GLORIO Chat Episode 95: First Final Previews

episode 95 header

It’s strange times in the anime world as we try to do first looks, final thoughts, and Fall 2021 season previews in one single episode.

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Show Notes

4:48 The Heike Story

15:13 Star Wars: Visions

28:38 D_Cide Traumerei

34:21 Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid S

36:58 Sonny Boy

42:15 Getter Robo Arc vs. Armageddon

53:13 What are we watching next season?

  • NOT Restaurant to Another World 2
  • Digimon Ghost Game
  • The Faraway Paladin
  • Sakugan
  • Kyoukai Senki
  • Blue Period
  • Megaton Musashi
  • My Senpai is Annoying
  • Can I Make Your Ears Happy in 180 seconds? (the ASMR anime)
  • Lupin III Part 6
  • JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure STONE OCEAN
  • Demon Slayer season 2
  • 86: Eighty-Six season 2
  • takt op.Destiny
  • Muv Luv Alternative


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