First Look: The Dangers in My Heart


Alternative title: Boku no Kokoro no Yabai Yatsu, Bokuyaba
Manga Adaptation by Shin-Ei Animation
Streaming on HIDIVE


21 minutes of internal monologue from a high school kid that hates women and wants to kill everyone at his school.

Euri’s verdict: Well, if you wanted more incel vibes in your Komi-san…

Every anime season we watch the new shows, regardless of whether we think they’ll be good or not, to write up our thoughts in First Looks like this, or to chat about them on the podcast. It’s inevitable that we end up watching bad shows. While I can only speak for myself, it’s pretty easy to plough through the first episode of a bad show while I’m taking notes for a write-up. It’s not often that I genuinely hate the time I’ve spent with a show, even if I think it sucked.

As you’ve probably already guessed, this is one of those exceptions. I had to pause the episode just shy of two minutes in just so I could take a note of how far I’d made it – to mark the actual point in which I thought there could be no redeeming it. Less than two minutes of hearing the protag talk about how he wants to kill the students at his school, how he especially wants to kill a certain girl in his class, all while his male classmates talk about jacking off in random dialogue in the background.


The remainder of the episode isn’t quite as offensive, and settles into a similar style of comedy to Komi Can’t Communicate and Aharen-san is Indecipherableprotag narrating the whacky antics of the lead girl who isn’t quite what she seems on the surface. But it really isn’t funny – irrespective of the show’s shitty premise, the jokes just don’t land at all. Some of it is crude humour from the boys in class, who apparently only exist to talk about their dicks, and the rest is just generally unfunny skits, such as lead girl fussing over a magazine she’s in at a bookshop, or protag making cat noises in a library.

Ultimately, even if you can put up with the edgy-ass premise, this show just isn’t funny. I’d recommend not wasting your time with it.


3 thoughts on “First Look: The Dangers in My Heart

  1. It’s a shame this one didn’t click with you; I totally get how some of the early stuff can be offputting, but as a big fan of the manga, I can say it genuinely becomes something really sweet and honest very quickly. It’s not a story about indulging in incelish creepiness, but of growing past it, it just takes the MC a bit to start sorting himself out.

    • It becomes something sweet and honest by the end of the episode!

      Honestly, I think it’s almost a deliberate misinterpretation of the first episode to bandy about the idea that the protagonist is some kind of incel. His ravings during the opening are very obviously meant to establish him as a sort of sad, chuuni loner and certainly not as a misogynistic creep. He very quickly changes gears and starts openly sympathizing with the female lead.

      Certainly, comedy is probably more personal than any other kind of fiction, and if the reviewer was offended, or just found the show unfunny, I get it.

      However, I just wanted to add another comment to the review, for anyone who might read it, that opinions differ! Personally, I found this episode both funny and poignant, and to my way of thinking, it has been, so far at least, the new season’s best premiere by far.

      • Hey, if you enjoyed it then more power to you! Obviously the show is about him developing as a person, but nothing I saw really clicked and it isn’t my kind of comedy. Appreciate both of your views on it though!

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