Kokoro Connect Episode 7

Recap: Some lighthearted desires give way to grittier feelings as Heartseed continues to play with our protagonist’s hearts. Will anything ever be able to settle fragile Yui’s heart?

You see, I’ve been giving Chocolate a lot of crap this season for its inability to properly flow drama and comedy. Oftentimes the two concepts would be so segmented that drama would just happen with no warning or explanation. This is why I love Kokoro. They know how to put their shit in its proper place. We open up with some Yui drama. When it looks like that mood is going to continue into the classroom as both Taichi and Iori have problems with their urges, the show slowly puts on the brakes. The scenes depicting how Taichi’s desire to sleep put him into a coma and Iori’s outburst were hilarious, fit their characters, and flowed with the pacing of the show. Then, as the drama really does rear its ugly head, it’s not thrown at us. Hints of discontent are spread throughout the episode and build to an emotional payoff that actually feels right according to the characters and the plot.

Not to toot my own drum too much, but my prediction about who was going to be the first in this row of dominoes to topple was spot-on. Yui’s fragility lends her to melodramtics really easily, as clearly exhibited in this episode. As hard as Inaba was railing against her, her speech is spot on. They never know when Heartseed is going to take things into control personally. Hiding is the worst idea to have as long as he can still control their bodies.

That said, what Yui said in response to Inaba’s apology rang really true. It’s not like Heartseed is making them say these things, this is what these people think. There are a lot of things that we keep hidden because we know in a social context it would be improper to express them due to respect for each other’s feelings. Without a limiter on the psyche, these kids are in all reality being truer to their real selves than in their normal lives.

I’m afraid our favorite cynical cutie is most likely next on the list. The slow path of Inaba’s crash has been in the works since episode two. Inaba knows all of the dangers they can face with the business of unleashing their desires and it has just been messing with her. Even for her normal cynical behavior the views she expresses near the latter half of the episode show how close she is to breaking down totally. I really don’t like the look of that final scene, but I can’t imagine they’d go with the first thought that came to my mind.

With another fantastic episode under its belt, Kokoro has become the runaway best show of this season by far. Anyone who hasn’t picked this one up yet is really missing out on a terrifically told story with charming and relatable characters. Once again I am not going to trust the preview as far as I can throw it as far as accurately showing what might happen next. What I did find interesting was the title. “And Then There Were None.” I love that, it has so much possibility for its meaning. Is it referring to everyone’s physical state? What about their state as friends? Will Inaba be killed by Justice Wargrave? I can’t wait to find out.

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