First Look: Little Witch Academia

Inspired as a child by the witch, Shiny Chariot, Akko Kagari enrolls at Luna Nova Magical Academy to achieve her dream of becoming a witch. Unfortunately, she has seemingly no magical powers, putting her at odds with the school and its students. Undeterred by this, Akko, along with her friends Lotte and Sucy, embark on the path to magical mastery.

First Look: Ninja Slayer

Left for dead after his wife and child are murdered by evil ninja, Kenji Fujikido becomes possessed by a vengeful ninja spirit. Vowing to murder the evil ninja responsible, he becomes the Ninja Slayer, and wages his war against Neo Saitama.

Kill la Kill Episode 23

Ryuko and Satsuki, now allied, take the fight directly to Ragyo. Meanwhile, the Elite Four and Mako do their best to rescue the captured humans as well as protect the flagship from the vicious Life Fiber assault.

Kill la Kill Episode 22

Recap With Ryuko back in control of herself, it’s time to deal with Nui and take the fight to Ragyo and the Life Fibers. Before that however, Ryuko needs to come to terms with the reality of her origins and their connection to Satsuki.

Kill la Kill Episode 20

Ryuko, enraged by recent revelations, casts aside Senketsu and her allies, vowing to kill Ragyo and Nui now once and for all at Honnouji Academy where they’re waiting for her. When the rest of our heroes discover Satsuki’s survival and her location at the same place, they stage their own mission to rescue her before it’s too late.

Kill la Kill Episode 19

A month has passed since the traumatic events that occurred at Honnouji Academy. Nudist Beach is in tatters, Satsuki has been imprisoned by Ragyo, and Ryuko refuses to wake up from her coma. With humanity on its last legs, former enemies team up in their final stand against the Life Fibers.

Kill la Kill Episode 18

With Satsuki’s true ambitions revealed, she and Ryuko team up to take on Ragyo and the Life Fibers. Ragyo, who’s body has been fused with Life Fibers, proves to be a difficult opponent.

Kill la Kill Episode 17

As Satsuki and Honnouji Academy gear up for The Cultural and Sports Grand Festival and the true goal behind it is revealed, Ryuko and the remaining members of Nudist Beach steel themselves for the climactic final battle with the Kiryuin family.

Kill la Kill Episode 15

With Satsuki holding the final piece of Senketsu, Ryuko takes the fight to Osaka. Additionally, the Elite Four bring out their new uniforms to the battlefield. Nudist Beach also reveals themselves, adding to the chaos.

Kill la Kill: Episode 14

The Tri-City Schools Raid Trip kicks into high gear as Satsuki’s forces wage their attack upon the schools of Kansai. Meanwhile, Ryuko, beaten, but not broken, takes the weakened Senketsu with her and strikes back to retrieve every piece of him. Elsewhere, Mako continues to be the best character in the show.

Kill la Kill: Episode 13

After the climactic battle with Nui, Ryuko is left in a downtrodden state, unable to bring herself to wear Senketsu. Elsewhere, Satsuki prepares for her 3-way invasion of the Kansai school district. Finally, former Newspaper Club member Shinjiro Nagita seeks out Ryuko, as she stands alone as the sole person able to fight against Satsuki’s tyranny.

GLORIO Retrospective: Inferno Cop

Exactly one year ago, Studio Trigger changed the world when it aired the grand finale of beloved anime series Inferno Cop. Today the Glorio crew reflects on that fateful day, and asks, “Where were you when Third Destroy Finale hit?”