Kill la Kill Episode 16



After the crazy events of the Kansai invasion, Ryuko and Satsuki both learn of the origin of the very conflict that drives each of them.

Gee’s Thoughts

Finally, after 15 episodes, Trigger is forced to hit us with a recap episode! Just kidding, after the minute-long recap is taken care of, cheeky to the bitter end, we get to the real meat of this episode. This was probably one of the most fun infodumps I’ve watched in a while. It has that perfect mix of reveals and answers while in typical Kill la Kill fashion, being as zany and hilarious as it can possible be. Turns out the big reveal is that CLOTHES ARE ALIENS.

Let me repeat that.



I shit you not, this is the explanation that Kill la Kill gives us. Life fibers are actually a parasitic alien life form that’s come to Earth to advance human evolution to its current point, all so that they may harvest humanity for sustenance. This includes even Senketsu, though he was built by Ryuko’s father specifically to combat the others. And yes, life fibers are basically spiral energy. Yes, it’s ridiculously amazing and stupid at the same time.

But reveals aren’t the only thing going on. Plans are being made on both sides of the conflict as both Mikisugi and Ragyo reveal the truth to their respective wards. Ryuko and Mako are introduced to Nudist Beach, whom’s naked fight against Ragyo and Satsuki makes much more sense. In addition, the reveal that the Kiryuin family has pledged loyalty to the life fibers explains their own position in this war. Finally, after the success in Kansai, looks like the Kiryuin family is preparing the next part of their grand plan; The Great Culture and Sports Festival. Kill la Kill continues to turn random things into super serious situations, and I love it. I cannot wait to see what Trigger’s twisted version of a culture festival looks like.


However, I find it interesting that Ryuko is so diametrically opposed to the idea of fighting against the life fibers now that she knows their true origin and Senketsu’s purpose. In a way, it’s not really surprising at all. Ryuko’s also walked to the beat of her own drum, and the idea of one of her closest friends fighting his own kind goes a long way to show what kind of person she is. With her being staunchly against the idea of forcing Senketsu to fight his kin, I’m interested to see where this go. With Tsumugu forming the requisite counterbalance, I have a feeling we’re gonna get to see some kinda rematch between them. I expect Ryuko’s going to have to learn a little about what it’s like to fight without the aid of Senketsu again.

Also on a side note, loving the new OP despite its pitiful lack of actual animation. That end title cut is stylish as hell. The ED is also pretty nice, anything with more Mako is always a delight. And it’s obviously done by the guys who worked on Panty and Stocking’s ED.

Overall, with the exception of Ragyo and Satsuki’s rather…questionable moment together, a pretty solid episode, and while slower paced than some of the previous ones, it established everything an infodump needed to. Mako continued to be a comedic force of nature, bringing the laughs with every ridiculous expression and piece of dialogue. As usual, Kill la Kill does a great job of making me wish it was next week already.

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