Blast of Tempest Episode 18

Hakaze confronts Yoshino on the emotionless nature that he handled Aika’s death. As Hanamura explains his reasoning for Yoshino being the mysterious boyfriend, Mahiro simply refuses to believe it. In the end, Yoshino’s suffering causes Hakaze to do something drastic.

Blast of Tempest Episode 17

Megumu is back from his travels around the world in order to sew the seeds of discontent against the Tree. Back in the Yoshino and Hakaze camp, the poor girl still can’t get a good grasp of her emotions, and thus spends most of the episode being hilariously adorable.

Blast of Tempest Episode 16

Megumu starts the Kusaribe’s plan by destroying a branch of the Tree of Genesis. Meanwhile, Hakaze is troubled by the final words of Jun while visiting her home. Is it her growing feelings for Yoshino that unintentionally slew Aika?

Blast of Tempest Episode 15

Recap: The Mage of Chaos is brought to the Kusaribe Clan and begins spartan training with the ever annoyed Mahiro. When Jun meets up with Yoshino and Hakaze, he spills the obvious to our oblivious princess.

Blast of Tempest Episode 14

Recap: After waking up, Mahiro finds that Yoshino and Hakaze have gone off on their own. Yoshino’s influence on her worries Samon, to the point that he wants him dead. While rumors of a Mage of Exodus get spun around, the couple happen to find a young man with the powers of the chaotic tree.

Blast of Tempest Episode 12

Recap: The princess finally finds her key to travel through time. By the time she arrives, the two tree have already started clashing. No longer under the protection of the tree, will Mahiro and Yoshino be safe in this duel of gods? Oh, also, that up there? Called it.