First Impressions: Blast of Tempest

Manga Adaptation of Zetsuen no Tempest by BONES
Simulcast on Crunchyroll

Premise: A young witch is stranded on a desert island, and strives to get help. In Japan, the senseless murder of Mahiro Fuwa’s sister drives him to bitter revenge, and by chance, to the witch. With the help of her powers, he plots to find and punish her killers. This leads him back to his home town, where he saves his old friend Yoshino right before a mysterious magic claims his town.

Marlin’s Verdict: Wait, haven’t I seen this somewhere before?

There are a lot of serious No. 6 vibes going on in this production.  Long-estranged friend comes back to save another from magical city-wide destructive power, hunted down by a government agency, there’s more than a little to draw parallels between. As with No. 6, this was a pretty decent first episode. There was only so much shown of the magic, but what was had impact, and made the world seem way bigger than just these two friends. I still don’t get what’s up with the dead sister, but next episode previews seem to be implying we’ll learn more about that.

Lifesong’s Verdict: Bones Do A Mean First Episode

Tempest cast Miyuki Sawairo as a mostly naked all powerful mage girl; anything and everything I think of this show will be seen through that lens. We kicked things off with a lot of exposition, but the mystery worked well enough that I never felt bored. The magical powers show cased here were a lot of fun, and the one big fight scene in the middle of the episode was expertly crafted. The drama has some interesting setup, and I am curious to see how it plays out. I suspect the dead girl is in fact still part of the picture as events unfold in one way or another. Maybe she comes back as a ghost, or maybe she never really died? With Kana Hanazawa cast in that role does anyone really believe she is gone after one episode?

BONES have been skating on thin ice lately; their anime just fails to wow me the way it used to. There are a lot of parallels here with No.6, and that scares me. Tempest seems to be off to a good start, but how long will that last? Putting my concerns aside, the first episode was enjoyable, and I want to see more.

Jel’s Verdict: Trying So Hard to Be Different

I didn’t see No. 6 so I’m coming into this with a fresh slate and I have to say I enjoyed it. The magic powers vs. guns stuff was pretty cool and I think the mysterious tie-ins with both Mahiro’s dead sister and our stranded mage have a lot of potential. It feels like they’re making a very concerted effort to be different, right down to small details like Yoshino’s tied back hair and earrings. Overall though this is only one episode, and while the premise may seem original, it very may well boil down to a good ol’ fashioned revenge tale. That’s not necessarily a bad thing, so I think this might be worth keeping an eye on.

Iro’s Verdict: Hammy

I’ve heard this manga has a thing for not explaining much, and we have plenty of that this episode. Busty mages trapped on desert islands, giant floating eyeball creatures, and Shakespeare references abound, this show is definitely trying to sell itself pretty hard, almost to the point of being pretentious. Even so, it does a fair job – the protagonist clearly has his own secrets, and depending on the next few episodes I may be willing to give it a shot.

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