Blast of Tempest Episodes 2 and 3

Recap: Mahiro reveals the secret behind his magic to Yoshino just in time for him to get caught by Evangeline again. After she gets delt with, another mage enters the fray. Next episode, Mahiro continues to fight the mage as Hakaze gives us a huge info dump. I suppose this stuff was good as world building but damn did it have to be so wordy?

Episode 2

There’s a bit of a slowdown from the fast paced action from the end of the first episode to get into the meat of the plot: finding Aika’s killer. This is also used as an opportunity to infodump some magic rules that the characters are going to be bound by. This leads to Yoshino starting to use the powers for himself, taking on Evangeline once again and getting the best of her. If we’re to take Evangeline’s word for it, it seems that Yoshino is actually used to using a gun. If so, he’s forgetting some major basics when it comes to armed combat, namely you never let your enemy get into striking range when you have the advantage. He doesn’t have any reason to walk up to her with the gun other than to just set up the next scene with him using the magic in order to win the fight for good.

Of course, this wouldn’t be much of a fun fighting show if it’s just Yoshino and Mahiro against a bunch of armed normals, so another mage drops in to survey the damage. Obviously, Mahiro has to go and fight him because MAGIC. The last scene we see is the difference in our two protagonists in their take on Aika’s death. Yoshino takes the logical “can’t do anything about what already happened” approach as Mahiro uses more Shakespeare babble to reaffirm his lust for revenge. They’ve obviously been talking about Aika way too much to have her stay fully dead, but I’m not quite sure how they’re going to play her into the story quite yet.

Episode 3

After Yoshino lets Evangeline go, he meets up with Mahiro just in time to shoot the weirdest Snicker’s commercial ever. I seriously don’t get why they didn’t just up and try and ask if they wanted to get some advertising, they literally use Snicker’s catchphrase when Mahiro laments his hunger only to have Yoshino shove a “Znickers” in his face. Potential lost there, Bones. Proving once again that Yoshino and subtlety are distant strangers, he forgets where he put his own backpack as he knocks it over and the two have to hightail it and plan a counterattack. Thus starts the longest infodump/fight scene ever.

Infodumps annoy me to begin with, but the fact that Yoshino does that classic echo questioning that seems to have poisoned every level of japanese media makes it even more annoying. The worst part was in the middle where we just get treated to a tween of Hakaze moving back and forth across the screen while describing stuff. Bones, this is your fanservice character. If you’re going to make us stare at her moving for a half a minute doing nothing you could at least show us more than her collarbone.

The fight itself was good and felt really fluid. I always appreciate when magic tricks get used outside their normal boundaries so this episode definitely did that right. Seeing a dude get tricked into a stinger missile barrage was pretty entertaining as well. The development on the murdered sister plotline is no shocker, but I suppose that’s the only way to drive the plot in a way so that attacking the mages head-on actually makes sense. I’m hoping all our infodumps are out of the way now and we can actually focus on the cool fights and dead-sister intrigue, as this show does still have me legitimately interested.

2 thoughts on “Blast of Tempest Episodes 2 and 3

    • Haven’t actually watched Black Cat. Tempest sure was an interesting show, though. Jeez, I did not write this blog particularly well, though. Hard to believe this was almost three years ago now.

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