Coppelion: Episode 3

Recap: The girls meet Denjiro Shiba, who is not only the mysterious man who has been making delivery drives to the survivors, but is also the engineer responsible for building the plant that destroyed Tokyo.

First Impressions: Coppelion

Years after a nuclear meltdown leaves 90% of Tokyo destroyed, the government sends three genetically modified girls known as Coppelions. Immune to deadly radiation as well as enhanced by special abilities, they explore the ruins of the city in search of survivors.

GLORIO Fall 2013 Anime Guide Part 1

With the fun and silly shows of Summer coming to an end, it’s time for┬áSERIOUS BUSINESS and the big name titles of Fall. Hotly anticipated shows like Kill La Kill and Beyond the Boundary (Kyoukai no Kanata if you must)┬áheadline a season of full of super powered teenagers and a lot of potential hits. There’s…