First Impressions: Coppelion


Manga adaptation by GoHands
Simulcast on Viz Anime, Hulu

Premise: Years after a nuclear meltdown leaves 90% of Tokyo destroyed, the government sends three genetically modified girls known as Coppelions. Immune to deadly radiation as well as enhanced by special abilities, they explore the ruins of the city in search of survivors.

Gee’s Verdict: Unnerving, intriguing.

As far as first episodes go, Coppelion’s doesn’t leave much of an impression. However, that’s not necessarily a bad thing. The calm, almost serene nature of the first half almost has you believing it’s a story more in the line of a calm end-of-the-world, like Yokohama Kaidashi Kiko. However, more like the PS3 hit, The Last of Us, Coppelion is shaping up to be a dangerous story covered in a beautiful veneer. I can’t exactly put my finger on it, but there’s just something that feels wonderfully wrong about the whole situation, and I’m quite interested in finding out what that is.

While I question the oddness of sending in three genetically modified schoolgirls in normal schoolgirl uniforms without any logistical support like body armor, rations, or vehicles, it’s working out surprisingly well. The cool confident senpai Ibara is already shaping up to be my favorite of the cast, but we’ll see if the other two can bring some personality to the table. Overall, while I can’t say Coppelion blew me away, the tone and presentation left a good first impression on me and I’ll be tuning in next week, if just to find out more about what happened to Tokyo.


Marlin’s Verdict: Hauntingly Beautiful

This show really wastes no time setting a mood. While each frame is painstakingly detailed, with lush vines and overgrowth all it does is further enhance how otherworldly this setting of a city forgotten by man really is. I have to agree with Gee that while I like all this detail, the oversight of having these girls be so generically dressed in schoolgirl attire does seem off-putting. Still, this might just be another way of accenting how much this part of the world has decayed. Higher education is one of the hallmarks of high society, so perhaps having these girls dressed this way is just to show how much of a difference there is between them and their new environment.

The girls themselves are conventionally cute, but seem to have much more to them than their bubbly exteriors would make it seem. Being genetically engineered for this purpose, the concepts of choice and free will have already come up as the girls contemplate the meaning of their existence. We saw some tease of these girls also holding somewhat supernatural powers, so hopefully we will see what that is all about once the remaining two go on the charge to rescue their friend. After what I’ve learned, color me intrigued. I’m sticking with this show.


Jel’s Verdict: Full of Hope

While not a whole lot happened or was explained in this episode, I feel like the sense of mystery and adventure was really worth it. It helps that the unique art style and quality animation create a very compelling atmosphere that makes you want to dive deeper into this world. The thematic elements involving the meaning of humanity may have been a little heavy handed, but it does at least feel like Coppelion will carry on with some sense of purpose. Like the patch of grass shooting through the concrete we see in the episode, I think this show has a lot of potential. It will just need to prove that it can live up to it.

Lifesong’s Verdict: Good Atmosphere

This first episode was a little bit infodumpy, but gorgeous visuals made up for the slow paced almost slice of life stroll though an abandoned city. There is a neat exploration dynamic between these girls who are genetically enhanced to be able to visit these radiation heavy areas and their relationship with the rest of humanity. I wasn’t blow away by anything I saw, but Coppelion did leave me wanting to explore their world and that is a good starting point if you ask me.

One thought on “First Impressions: Coppelion

  1. That reminds me of how the story began in the manga. The setting is so unusual that it needs about an episode to explain what’s going on. But, if they follow the manga closely, it should make for a good show.

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