The 2012 GLORIO Awards Part 2: Taking the Stage

Welcome back to the First Annual GLORIO Awards, our collection of highlights from the anime of 2012. For our second part, we’re taking the stage and honoring the best characters and performances of the past year. So join us once again as we announce our winners, and as always feel free to jump in the debate with your own selections.

The 2012 GLORIO Awards Part 1: Behind the Scenes

Welcome to the first annual GLORIO Awards! For the first part of our awards coverage, we’ll be going Behind the Scenes – taking a look at all the magic that happens before your favorite anime hits the screen. So put on your best formalwear, take a stroll down the virtual red carpet, and join in on the debate.

Eureka Seven Ao Episode 22

Recap: Mecha-Truth goes to town on the Allied Forces as the secrets behind his nature are finally unravelled. To escape, Ao is teleported back to Okinawa, where he has an awkward reunion with Naru. And somewhere far away, a lone figure is searching for something…

Talk about an evil eye

Eureka Seven Ao Episode 21

As Ao and team Pied Piper try and settle into their new arrangement with the Japanese government, Elena meets Maggie Kwan and confronts Eureka about her mysterious origins, and Naru arranges ‘Occupy Scub Coral’.

Eureka Seven Ao Episode 20

As the Allied Forces begin their assault on Generation Bleu headquarters, Ao, Fleur and the crew must decide on their next course of action. Will they surrender or attempt to flee? Meanwhile, the Quartz gun still lies dormant in the bowels of the HQ, along with something else…

Eureka Seven Ao Episode 19

The Allied Forces and their own parent company have turned on Generation Bleu and time is running out for the crew. Meanwhile, Truth confronts both his Japanese allies and Naru, and discovers ‘shocking’ truths about his past. And Elena reveals some of her own mysterious history to Fleur and Ao.

Eureka Seven Ao Episode 18

With Ao now in the clutches of the Allied Forces, will Fleur and Elena be able to overcome the sudden tension between them quickly enough to rescue him? The answer is who cares because GOD look how awful it all is.

Eureka Seven AO Episode 17

Recap: Baffled by the apparent disappearance of Team Goldilocks, Ao attempts to find out what has happened to them. But the world he knew has subtly changed around him, and as he discovers how this may be linked to the work of the mysterious Johansson, the political tide is turning against Generation Bleu.

Eureka Seven AO Episode 16

Summary: Facing the threat of simultaneous worldwide scub bursts potentially costing millions of lives, Generation Bleu and the Allied Forces must team up to execute a risky last minute plan. Meanwhile, Ao is still having trouble sleeping, his dreams are getting weirder, and Naru and Truth continue to pursue their own agenda.

Eureka Seven AO Episode 15

Summary: It is some time after the end of the previous episode and Ao is still struggling to come to terms with the shocking betrayal he suffered. In the meantime, the Japanese government has made an amazing discovery about the Secrets, but the world is about to be plunged into a deadly crisis

Eureka Seven Ao Episode 14

Recap: Ao’s battle with Truth reaches a conclusion, but not before an important revelation comes to light. In the meantime, Naru experiences a vision concerning the true nature of the Scub Coral. Both affected by what they have discovered, the two children reunite in search of answers.

Eureka Seven AO Episode 13

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