The 2012 GLORIO Awards Part 2: Taking the Stage


Welcome back to the First Annual GLORIO Awards, our collection of highlights from the anime of 2012. In our first part we took a look at the behind the scenes happenings that make your favorite series go. For our second part, we’re taking the stage and honoring the best characters and performances. So join us once again as we announce our winners, and as always feel free to jump in the debate with your own selections.

Best Voice Acting

Jel nominates: Kana Hanzawa, Yumi Uchiyama, Haruka Tomatsu e.a., Bingbougami ga!
Popular actresses going way out of their normal range and doing a great job of it

Dragonzigg nominates: Ayako Kawasumi, Rikiya Koyama, Akio Ohtsuka, Tomokazu Seki e.a., Fate/Zero
A huge range of styles, manners and characters, every one embodied to perfection.

Irothtin nominates: Ayako Kawasumi, Rikiya Koyama, Akio Ohtsuka, Tomokazu Seki e.a., Fate/Zero
Bombastic voice acting brings life to the legendary figures larger than it.

Lifesong nominates: Takahiro Mizushima, Miyuki Sawashiro, Aki Toyosaki e.a., Kokoro Connect
Sawashiro saying “I masturbate to you” See Marlin for a serious answer.

Marlinclock nominates: Takahiro Mizushima, Miyuki Sawashiro, Aki Toyosaki e.a., Kokoro Connect
The voice acting in this show was superb, really complementing this great cast of well balanced characters.

Aquagaze nominates: Haruka Tomatsu, Tatsuhisa Suzuki e.a., My Little Monster
A combination of versatile regulars and brand new faces graces this shoujo with an enthusiastic cast full of memorable performances.

ItsaTimmy nominates: Kana Hanzawa, Yumi Uchiyama, Haruka Tomatsu e.a., Bingbougami ga!
It was so much fun listening to these characters go at it and really hoping Funi’s dub can do the show justice.

And the winner is…


Lifesong says: It is no secret here at Glorioblog that I absolutely love Miyuki Sawashiro’s voice and she put on an amazing performance here, but it wasn’t just because of Sawashiro that we chose this anime. The entire cast really breath some life into this anime. What Kokoro Connect lacked in the way of setting and technical power, it made up for with engaging dialog delivered by powerful vocals. What really sets this vocal job apart is the way the actors are constantly switching roles. These actors and their characters couldn’t be more distinct from one another and yet we see them changing personalities with ease, you can tell which character is talking based off their personality which is important since the body swap a lot during the first arc. Even when they are not switching bodies they are constantly in situations where they have to change personalities and this cast made it all work seamlessly.

Best Supporting Male Character

Jel nominates: Fork Lift Guy, Muv Luv Alternative: Total Eclipse
Regular dude that somehow hacks a super weapon and impales an alien with a forklift

Dragonzigg nominates: Rider, Fate/Zero
More character than every other character put together. You want this guy to win it all.

Irothtin nominates: Rider, Fate/Zero
Rider’s status as a large ham brings fun into the center of a dark series.

Lifesong nominates: Jin Mitaka, The Pet Girl of Sakurasou
Complex mentor type character who also has his own issues. Does a lot to keep the anime from playing our like a typical harem.

Marlinclock nominates: Satoshi Fukube, Hyouka
More than just a comic relief, Satoshi showed us a character with jealousy and uncertainty beyond what he wants everyone to believe.

Aquagaze nominates: A. Oryzae and the other bacteria, Moyashimon Returns
Any obscure yeast that wants to explain useless microbiology to me and make fun of the hero’s love life with such enthusiasm more than deserves my award.

Gee-Man nominates: Zeppelli, Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure
Once again, not sure Zeppelli is even my favorite side character (in fact it’s probably Rider), but I gotta give props to the mustachioed crazy-whooping river-skipping frog-punching checkerboard-top hat-wearing man.

And the winner is…


Iro says: Rider is sort of the big brother we all want to have. Amidst deadly serious Masters who are willing to sacrifice their lives for the Holy Grail, he brings a humanizing joviality to the show and plays the comedic foil to Waver’s straight man, dispensing wise advice despite his macho demeanor. The King of Conquerors isn’t afraid to tell it like it is, is an honorable fighter without being stupidly so (I’m looking at you, Lancer), and has what is among the greatest death charges in anime history. He was a shoe-in for this award.

Best Supporting Female Character

Jel nominates: Sawa “dat hat” Okita, Tari Tari
She gets things done while still finding time to practice her horseback archery. Who does that?

Dragonzigg nominates: Remon Yamano, Waiting In Summer
Looks like the naive loli, instead is a delightfully twisted presence inside the cast.

Irothtin nominates: Irisviel von Einzbern, Fate/Zero
Irisviel’s naivete and girlish demeanor makes her the emotional center of the main cast.

Lifesong nominates: Mariandale, Ixion Saga DT
It’s Lelouch’s voice on C.C.’s body.

Marlinclock nominates: Remon Yamano, Waiting In Summer
With spiked drinks and subterfuge, Remon was like a benevolent puppetmaster in orchestrating the gang.

Aquagaze nominates: Shinka Nibutani, Love, Chunibyo & Other Delusions
Shinka is the snappy, but oddly sympathetic straight girl a show like Chunibyou needs; taking a more subdued approach to both the show’s nutty comedy as it’s soppy drama. Ami 2.0 indeed.

ItsaTimmy nominates: Shinka Nibutani, Love, Chunibyo & Other Delusions
Like Aqua above I am also reminded of Toradora’s Ami, always around to nudge the plot in the needed direction and occasionally give us a good laugh while doing it.

And the winner is…


Marlin says: I was initially struggling with this award when I first came upon it, and Remon stuck out to me as the best I could think of at the time. However, the more I thought about it, the more it made perfect sense. Remon is a subtle manipulator in the story of Ano Natsu. You could always tell there was more to her than meets the eye, and that she had her own plan for how the filming of this movie was going to go down. Despite the somewhat nefarious ways she went about pushing the gang along, it always ended up for the best as each character came into their own and were able to properly express their feelings. In the final episode, she only became that much more awesome when her big scene arrived and we finally figured out what she was all about.

Best Villain

Jel nominates: Kaiki Deishu, Nisemonogatari
A con man who perfectly fits the series’ questions about what is real and what is fake

Dragonzigg nominates: Dio Brando, Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure
You love to hate him, you boo and hiss him when he appears on screen. The ultimate pantomime bad guy.

Irothtin nominates: Gilgamesh, Fate/Zero
A smug snake whose status as the strongest Servant looms over the entire series.

Lifesong nominates: Yuuji/Snake of the Festival, Shakugan no Shana III
Complex villain who makes you want to side with him over the established heroes of the story.

Marlinclock nominates: Heartseed, Kokoro Connect
The worst enemy is the one you will never see coming.

Aquagaze nominates: Yuno Gasai, Future Diary
How can a single entity be so despicable, so selfish, so utterly bonkers, yet still so endearing? Yuno happily takes the Rule of Eva to its pulpy extreme and the results are divine.

Gee-Man nominates: Dio Brando, Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure
He is a really really really bad man. And that’s what makes him so great.

And the winner is…


Gee says: Dio Brando is the quintessential villain. He’s over the top, dramatic, and takes pleasure in every ridiculously evil thing he does. And that’s what makes him such a pleasure to watch. He’s the villain you love to hate. He doesn’t have complex motivations or a sympathetic backstory. He’s a simple character who exists for only one reason; to be the villain whom the good guys must defeat. But it’s the execution that makes him so great. Whether it be his comparison of the people he’s killed to the number of breads a man has eaten in his lifetime, or his ridiculously long-winded speeches about how he has transcended humanity to become a superior being, Dio is an enemy that’s as much fun to watch as he is to hate. His charismatic villainy makes the highly enjoyable black-and-white moral dichotomy between him and Jonathan Joestar that much more fun to witness. Dio is the bad guy, and that’s all he needs to be.

Best Male Character

Jel nominates: Houtarou Oreki, Hyouka
Kyon, if Kyon actually developed as a character.

Dragonzigg nominates: Haru Yoshida, My Little Monster
Unveils hidden depths of charm and emotion you’d never even think possible.

Irothtin nominates: Kiritsugu Emiya, Fate/Zero
A dark look on what happens if someone took the ideal of wanting to save everyone to its logical conclusion.

Lifesong nominates: Yuuji/Snake of the Festival, Shakugan no Shana III
Being the big bad and the hero all at once made Yuuji one of the most interesting protagonists in some time.

Marlinclock nominates: Houtarou Oreki, Hyouka
Never would one expect such complexity to arise out of KyoAni’s new Kyon.

Aquagaze nominates: Houtarou Oreki, Hyouka
A grumpy old man in the body of a 16-year old boy.

ItsaTimmy nominates: Houtarou Oreki, Hyouka
Nominating anyone else would have taken too much energy.

And the winner is…


Aqua says: The fact that this guy has a personality alone already grants him this throne. Amongst gazillions of ‘average guy’ viewer proxies, he sticks out like a sore thumb. While Houtarou initially started off as an even moodier Kyon, he quickly became an endearingly nuanced and likeable character, while never abandoning that glum snark that made him so great to watch. Houtarou would have never even made this list if it wasn’t for his friends, each wonderfully human characters (except for Chitanda maybe) who brought him one step closer to their “world”. Seeing the guy who turned not giving a sod into his life motto get excited over something might possibly – and ironically – have been KyoAni’s greatest emotional resolution to date.

Best Female Character

Jel nominates: The Mediator, Humanity Has Declined
Smart and capable, but not without some humanizing weaknesses. I wanna hang out with her.

Dragonzigg nominates: Morgiana, Magi
Fights tigers, sexism and the chains of slavery. A genuinely likeable, fantastically badass girl who shows up most heroines as the shams they are.

Irothtin nominates: Morgiana, Magi
She fucking smashed a tiger’s eye in with her knee, man – oh, and she has a cool character arc too.

Lifesong nominates: Mashiro Shiina, The Pet Girl of Sakurasou
Quirky quite girl who adds so much to her anime and is constantly showing us that she is more than she seems.

Marlinclock nominates: Shizuku Mizutani, My Little Monster
Without the power of superlegs, Shizuku is a strong, smart, confident woman who knows how to keep her priorities straight.

Aquagaze nominates: The Mediator, Humanity Has Declined
Both an audience proxy and just as wacky as everyone else in this post-apocalyptic candy land, the mediator has more snark than hair.

ItsaTimmy nominates: Morgiana, Magi
Did you see her take on that pack of saber tooth cats? I mean come on, Morg deserves this award just for that.

Gee-Man nominates: Morgiana, Magi
A badass who kicks the crap outta tigers and a character legitimately interesting enough to stand on her own among the cast? What’s not to like?

And the winner is…


Timmy says: I can’t help but admire characters who over the course of a show struggle against and break through the shackles that bind them, so it come as little surprise that Morgiana, who is literally shackled at the beginning of the show, quickly caught my eye. Even then we start to see bits and pieces of her personality shine through as she struggles and when the physical chains that she was ultimately unable to overcome alone finally come off she goes to work knocking down the remaining the inner barriers that bind her. We are graced with seeing her bloom into an independent, dependable gal who generally does what she feels is right, be it taking on a horde of bandits, jumping into a pit of rabid hyenas and putting her skin on the line to save a hapless child, or sneaking in for a kidnapping to give everyone the opportunity to talk and figure out what the hell is going on. When she joins up with the rest of the cast you get the impression that she wants to be there to see things through and not simply tag along just because the plot demands it and/or because the show needs an extra pair of tits. That is a lot considering the show is  set in a time and place where women are generally seen as exactly that. (Zigg’s note – You mean the anime community in the present day right?)

Biggest Surprise

Jel nominates: Humanity Has Declined
Loaf Chan. That is all.

Dragonzigg nominates: Black Rock Shooter
A spin-off of a terrible OVA, from a franchise made to sell artbooks and figures. And yet it was one of the best shows of the year. What?

Irothtin nominates: Ixion Saga DT
What we thought would just be another cheap game adaptation was actually an amusing spoof of the genre.

Lifesong nominates: Ixion Saga DT

Marlinclock nominates: Ixion Saga DT
It’s really hard to not surprise with the level of expectations I had.

Aquagaze nominates: Thermae Romae
Flash-animated shorts are automatically horrible? No, sir, no.

ItsaTimmy nominates: Ixion Saga DT
I don’t think anyone expected this nutty anime to be this good.

Gee-Man nominates: Magi
I went into this expecting a mediocre shounen. Instead, I got something far more interesting and exciting than I ever anticipated.

And the winner is…


Lifesong says: This one kind of came out of nowhere. None of us really expected anything out of Ixion so when it turned the bland fantasy setting it promised on it’s head with ridiculous subplots and characters we were all caught off guard and impressed. This may be the only anime everyone here at glorioblog are capable of appreciating, and that says a lot more than any words can.

Biggest Disappointment

Jel nominates: Muv Luv Alternative: Total Eclipse
Cool alternate history to work with and at the very least hot babes and mecha – all ruined

Dragonzigg nominates: Eureka Seven AO
Squandered all the goodwill in the world.

Irothtin nominates: Sword Art Online
What was one of the most anticipated anime of the season turned into one of the biggest train wrecks I’ve ever seen.

Lifesong nominates: Eureka Seven AO
The story is just an awful mess, one that only reminds me of the original Eureka Seven because of the artwork and name.

Aquagaze nominates: Sword Art Online
Need I say more?

Marlinclock nominates: Eureka Seven AO
For a year I watched Eureka 7 as many did, with bated breath every Saturday night on Adult Swim. AO betrayed us all.

ItsaTimmy nominates: Center of the Blue World
The Nintendo fanboy in me wanted this to be at the very least watchable. The Nintendo fanboy in me was severely disappointed.

Gee-Man nominates: Eureka Seven AO
I’m the kinda guy who lists the original Eureka 7 in his top 10 anime of all time. AO…the less said the better.

And the winner (?) is…


Zigg says: This award is all about the gap between expectation and reality right? It’s not so much that the worst show has to win, but that it’s a show that we expected to be good, but for any number of reasons wasn’t. Ao most definitely qualifies as that. Many of us here are superfans of the original Eureka Seven, counting it among our favourite shows of all time, so needless to say excitement and expectations were sky high for a sequel. Ao though did worse than merely disappoint – it actually might be the worst show of the entire year. It took everything we loved about the original and either tossed it away, shamelessly milked it for nostalgia or co-opted it for its clumsy, poorly written purposes. Even without the name attached this was a terrible watch, but with it it became an abomination. A shoe-in to win this award.

And finally… The Best Anime of 2012

That’s a wrap for the First Annual GLORIO Awards, but our of Best of 2012 coverage isn’t over yet! We will be back this weekend to count down our Top 12 Anime of the past year, so start preparing your own lists and get ready to join the debate.

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