Welcome to another edition of What We Got and What We Thought. Better late then never this month as we find only Gee, Life, and myself with new things to talk about.

First Impressions: Psycho-Pass

In the future, a citywide system allows law enforcement to instantly read the latent criminal level of any citizen and act accordingly. They employ a squad of Enforcers who are themselves latent criminals to catch the most dangerous of the lot. As a fresh face on the force, Akane Tsunemori must adjust to the brutal and indifferent methods the city uses to deal with its seedy underbelly.

Haibane Renmei: The Complete Series Review

Haibane Renmei has been trapped in licensing limbo for quite a while – after Geneon Entertainment collapsed, many of its old properties were lost to the winds. FUNimation decided to pick up a bunch of their old titles, however, this little gem among them. Many fans have been waiting years for a rerelease of this show, unwilling to cough up some $200 for one of the old out-of-print Geneon sets, and now they can finally add this to their collections. But is this obscure title worth adding to yours?