The GLORIO Chat Episode 39: I Dumped My Girlfriend for My Hot Glasses Senpai

Jel and Iro are joined by Chris which means we talk a lot of Godzilla and Pokemon.

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Opening Song: “Emotional literacy” by┬áBRADIO

Show Notes

2:18 Godzilla: King of the Monsters (2019) was OK

7:46 The Granblue Fantasy Versus beta was good


16:24 Funimation acquires Manga Entertainment

22:58 Japanese government proposes guidelines to improve anime industry working conditions (story)

29:17 New Sound! Euphonium anime is happening

Pokemon news roundup:

  • 36:38 What the hell is Pokemon Sleep???
  • 38:39 DeNA smartphone game revealed to be Pokemon Masters
  • 44:15 Sword/Shield reveals
  • 51:17 Those cool dress shirts are getting an overseas release

54:09 Carole and Tuesday

  • Episode 8: “All the Young Dudes”
  • Episode 9: “Dancing Queen”

1:09:46 Sarazanmai

  • Episode 8: “I Want to Connect, but We’ll Never Meet Again”
  • Episode 9: “I Want to Connect, but I Can’t Express It”

One thought on “The GLORIO Chat Episode 39: I Dumped My Girlfriend for My Hot Glasses Senpai

  1. I saw Godzilla KOM. I was enjoyable. I just wish they just stop with the whose “everyman” or ” family man” protagonist. Not every story have to have a everyman protagonist. I would rather the scientist or the soldier be the main focus human rather than the movie MC family.

    Speaking of SHenmue 3, people are piss at the developer since they announced the game gonna be exclusive on the Epic store despite starting as a Kickstarter thing. Basically the dev took the Kickstarter money and make the game, then Epic Game jump in, buy the dev and the game so it gonna be exclusive on the Epic Store rather than, some backer don’t want to support Epic Game anti-consumer practice to they want a refund which the dev team refuse to do.

    About the new Pokemon game, i don’t look forward to it since what GF announced seem pretty scummy to me. They announced Pokemon bank that people could store and transfer their pokemon from previous gen in ( with subscriber fee) then announced that there gonna be only a limited number of pokemon going to be in Sword and Shield and only those pokemon could be transfer to those game, basically cut 75% of the pokemon roster. And it isn’t like in gen 3, where even if the pokemon not show up in the game but it code still can be found and unlock through cheat, this time GF don’t even bother to code the pokemon that not gonna appear in the game.

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